Thieves Guild of Grayton's Lot

The Thieves Guild of Grayton's Lot is one of the most powerful organizations in Karenth. The have affluence over the trade in the region, and thus the whole world. In addition, they have spies throughout the main continent as well as rogues who travel as escorts to caravans coming to and from the city. These hired bodyguards work as spies, passing information to the thieves guild.   The Guild also maintains control of the street urchins, thugs, and petty criminals in the city, making sure things do not get out of hand.   They are powerful due to several of its high ranking members also have residence on the Grayton Lot Commerce League. The members with dual duties are able to control the flow of trade to locations, and make sure that the appropriate level of attrition and supply problems keep the prices and demand high. The King is quite aware of this happening and does nothing to stop it, after all, all the goods are taxed at the levels he sees fit, and the health of the Thieves Guild prevents problem within the city itself.   But the Guild is more than controlling commerce and petty crime in the city of Grayton's lot, but they are the spies who report directly to the king. A few times a week, the guildmaster meets in private with the king passing on all the espianage from around the world. The guildmaster is a true spy master, and even goes on missions if needed.   The King also uses the guild to do his dirty work, tasking assassinations in distant lands from time to time.   Not only do they pay homage to the king, but they also relay information on the happenings of Grayton's lot, and its government, to the Order of Eight.

Guild, Thieves

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