Be Chuille's Inquisition

The most powerful order in Phaldorya, granted interterritorial jurisdiction and nearly divine power is the inquisition. Founded around a thousand years ago originally to provide the Conclave of magicians with more powerful tool to control those who would stride away from the path of a rightful use of magic, rapidly has taken the upperhand, especially in regards to the uses of non-scholastic magic, such as witchcraft, third sight and spontaneous magic.


The leader of the whole inquisition is based in Saythian and is called Magsar, he is coadiuvated by four Onisarn that are the reference for the north, south, east and west of Phaldorya, each of them is in charge of a number of Ata-onisarn, lately every city or group of towns is controlled by a Barisar. That will be the local referent for any brother or sister inquisitor in their Barisad.


Be Chuille's inquisition is reknown for the rigidity and severity of their views, that occasionally clashes with the positions of the general clergy of Be Chuille. The cultural perception of the inquisition by commoners is mixed since it is feared but idolized on the same time. The reasons for this feeling has its ground on the fear to anger the inquisition unwillingly on one hand and on the general assumption that magicians and wizards are irresponsible and power-greedy requiring someone to control them on the other; to pay with a little freedom sacrifice is seen as a necessary nuisance by most people.

Public Agenda

Inquisition tends to focus more on spontaneous and traditional magic-users, that they deem to be in cahhots with fomorn. In regards to scholastic mages they tend to leave publicly the responsability to the Conclave of Mages, even if they politically manouver in order to keep as many referents as possible in it, to control it from the inside.
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Fist of Be Chuille, Crimson Stars, in derogatory way Flames of Magic
Head of State
Power Structure
Transnational government
Economic System
Mixed economy


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