Cathedral of Be Chuille

Biggest Be Chuille temple in Phaldorya and neuralgic center of the Inquisition, the Cathedral of Be Chuille is the seat of the Magsar and hosts the treasury of both the clergy and the inquisition of the Goddess of Magic.


The primary function of the Cathedral is to host the rituals of the Be Chuille's Clergy for the city of Saythian. Although, only a small part of the building, the oldest one, is represented by the temple; the remaining part of the building, where usually public is not allowed, is constituted by a monastery complex, a massive library, and the treasury. The monastery comprises the cloister, the chapter house, the cells, the refectory and the scriptorium of the clerics. In the monastery, the novices that intend to become inquisitor are trained and the Magsar himself presides the Chapter house. The library is commonly believed to be one of the biggest and best provided of its kind. The treasury is a warded area were the treasures, artifacts, relics and documents relevant to Be Chuille's Clergy and Inquisition are conserved. Inside it is stored, for example, the Dyspelz ledger. Only the highest ranks in Be Chuille's cult have free access, everyone else requires a pass to enter.


Soon after the foundation of the town of Saythian, the local community started to build a temple to worship the White Lady, since her cult is one of the most important in Phaldorya. The original temple was a rectangular room with a barrel vaulted ceiling, rather simple. Later on, the major altar in an heptagonal room and the dome where added, transforming the original temple in the main nave. As the time passed the local community grew and a monastery was founded, interconnected to the temple by the vestry.


The cathedral is built in gothic style, with the tall spires and the dome decorated with dragon statues. On the back of the temple rises the building block hosting the monastery and the library that in comparison with the opulent architecture of adjacent temple appears diminutive and bland. The library is illuminated by large stained-glass windows that depict tales from the Tuatha de Danaan. People that has been allowed in the library and in the monastery reports that from the outside it seems much smaller than it actually is.

by Luca Poddighe
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Cathedral / Great temple
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