The Dyspelzn are documents issued, after an inquisition trial, when the defendant is found not-guilty.


Spontaneous or traditional magic casters that accept the authority of Be Chuille's clergy have to accept a trial to prove their acceptance of the rules and their adherence to orthodox magic. Once they prove it, they are branded with the seven-pointed Star and issued a dyspelz that authorize them to practice magic.

Document Structure


In the top section a dyspelz presents the date of issue and the name of the person it refers to. The mid part is a formal declaration from the jury to report that the magic user was tested according to the dictates of the inquisition and found not guilty of heresy, this section is under-signed by the highest inquisitor in the jury. The lower part is a declaration by the recipient to accept an orthodox use of magic, followed by the number of the document that is reported in fire-brand of the seven-pointed star.


The document remains valid so far as the number of issue and the number on the fire-brand match and are clearly readable. Use of magic in absence of one of the two will be subject to further, and most often deeper, scrutiny by the inquisition. The use of a forged dyspelz is a capital offence punished with the stake.


The list of dyspelzn issued is registered in a ledger kept and protected with wards in the Cathedral of Be Chuille in Saythian.

Publication Status

The dyspelz is a private possession of the carrier, that has to show it when prompted by an inquisitor. Inquisitors only can request to search on the ledger of recordings.

Legal status

Since the Inquisition has a jurisdiction of continental level, so the dyspelzn are valid in the whole continent.
Decree, Religious
Vellum / Skin
Signatories (Organizations)


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