Saythian, capitol city of the republic that goes by the same name, is built on a lagoon clustered by little islands on the delta of the river Reveryl. Saythian is a lively commercial city, with an expanding economy and the principal port city of the whole continent.


The population is mainly composed by western humans with a minority of halfling. The more affluent and politically relevant class is the merchants, the republic is ruled by a council of probiviri that elects a podesta' every five years, who can be confirmed for a second mandate. The second most important political class is the clergy, many deities have major temples in the city, the most worshipped being Be Chuille and Lyr.




The main defence is the Republic Navy. The city also sports an external wall and two fortified internal walls, many of the islets are also provided of guard towers and can be isolated from the main land in the event of an attack.

Industry & Trade

On top of the commercial resources that come from the eastern part of the continent via maritime route, the Republic has the control of the marble extracted from the quarries on the Kaln Agalzeni, that the Sayti call Silver Spire, that is exported in the whole continent.


The main transport route in the city is formed by the canals that run between the islets. The patches of land are conjoined by bridges, often covered in marble in the more affluent areas of the city, but in plain wood in other areas.
Alternative Name(s)
The Pearl of the South
115000 ca.
Inhabitant Demonym
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