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Sea Mongers

Trading ships rarely come to Teller Town from overseas. The dangers of navigation are obvious to any who have viewed a map of of the water surrounding the island. Because of this there is only one organization who sends their ships to make the voyage, the Sea Mongers.   Teller Town has little to offer, so the Mongers assure the mayor and town council. They can't expect to receive much from other places, and certainly can't expect to be paid much for the paltry goods they produce or acquire.   What is known about this organization comes mostly from the interactions of the sea captains that sail to Teller Town during the short trading season in the summer. The captains assure those they deal with that the guild is reputable, and honorable and all their dealings are done so that it is fair to all.   When the ship or ships first arrive in the early summer, the inhabitants of Teller Town are eager to see what new goods might be available. They have prepared their items to trade, cloth and cheeses and furs and dried mushrooms and dyes from Spinify Village and many other things. They remember fine glass, and silks, and jewelry, and ironwork and paintings and many other items not found on their little island or their little town.   Somehow, when the trading is done and the ships are gone for another year, there is a sense of dismay. No matter how fine the furs, or the cheeses, or how difficult the production of the dyes was, the goods were treated as if they were of little worth, the Mongers assuring the folks that, 'really, we are doing you a favor by paying what we are. There isn't much demand for such provincial goods as these back where we are from.' Somehow this doesn't ring true to the Tellerites, but what can they do?


Little is known about this guild. There are several sea captains known to the people of Teller Town, but beyond that there is no information.

Public Agenda

To turn a profit, as large as can be done politely.
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Guild, Merchant


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