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The Seven Sentinels

Dating their creation back to the original seven founders of the faith, the Seven Sentinels fashion themselves after the seven children of Aito. Seen as either blasphemous or benevolent, none can deny they will live and die by the faith even though none know their true identities.


The Seven Sentinels have no hierarchy among themselves. They take orders from no ruler, they bow to no regime and they follow no governance but their own. Instead of holding titles the Sentinels are known as the Sentinel of their patron god, one for each of the seven children of Aito. There are no limitations on gender, religion or race in the Sentinels. 


Some view their lack of direct leadership as a weakness, since it would appear in some cases they would struggle to take a single course of action. However, being devout champions of the gods, if the Sentinels cannot come to a unanimous decision on their own they turn to the Seven for guidance. When they are divided they debate on the best outcome like a jury, when even that does not work they await a sign from the gods knowing even if their comrades do not agree they will follow the will of the gods. As a result of their pious nature, the Seven Sentinels have a good reputation even in lands which place a lot of faith in their rules and order. The will of the gods is exerted through them, there is no question, and a King going against their wishes may find himself losing favor with his people before his people lose faith in the Sentinels. Wars have been won or lost by the simple fact of which side the Sentinels back. When they appear on the battlefield it speaks to their opponents that they are no longer fighting mere men, but the mortal instruments of the gods. It is a rare army who will not back down against the Sentinels, and a rarer leader who would pit his people against them.


The Sentinels place no worth on currency, but are aware of the value to others. They have no need for it, as their every need is attended to wherever they may go. In the wilds they hunt, in towns and cities they seek out refuge with kindhearted civilians and reward them for their generosity with goods or coin. They have no armies following them, although they can demand them should they need to and they expect to be granted what they need. The same goes for transport; horses are sent to them as gifts although each Sentinel has but one they will ride into battle which was blessed upon birth by their patron god. Unlike other organisations which may have castles or manors in their name, the Sentinels true home is not known to the public. They live wherever their quests take them, and in their downtime they return to their ruined temple on the coast, the harsh weather and stormy seas making it all but impossible to reach without the blessings of the god of the oceans.
Military, Knightly Order


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