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The Purple Rune


The Purple Rune is said to be led by the Purple Conclave, a gathering of 10 highly powerful arcane users called the Masters. They lead the Rune, directly the flow of magics and magical knowledge in the Bridging Lands. Each of the Master is said to have a total of 10 Sentinels working under them, powerful mages in their own rights each vying for the spot of Master at their leader's death or retirement. There are no other ranks within this organisation as it is believed that most of those who worked for the Rune are not aware of it themselves.


Secrecy is the core value of the Purple Rune. Each Sentinel is said to head a separate organisation. Under these organisations, the Purple Rune gathers members without any of them knowing who it is they truly work for.


The Rune is said to have access to a near enough unlimited amount of gold, due in no small reason to the fact that many of its members - knowingly or unknowingly, are powerful alchemists who hold the secret knowledge to transform lead into gold.   They are also said to have a decent amount of blackmail material on powerful people along with many debtors and more than enough contacts across all walks of life. This allows them to influence regional politics in their favour.


The Purple Rune started life has a small council for a long-forgotten Free City, nestled among the slopes of the Shadar Mountains. They rose to power fast and soon took over the ruling of the city and looked to expand their territories. It is said the original council made two tactical mistakes: they ignored the threat of the goblin hordes living in the mountains and they set their sights on the might of Holafiele and their rumoured numerous magical secrets. This led to their near annihilation. The surviving mages managed to hold on to some of their powers. Over the years, the name of the Purple Rune resurfaced many times but none can say for sure what is fact and what is fiction in those tales.

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