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Qor Caleem

Pinned to the ground, the merchant was helpless as she dragged the edge of her blade across his throat. She rose to her feet, her job done. Hundreds of terrified eyes watched her now, wondering if they were next. Guards rushed to the scene, swords drawn, yelling at her to surrender. Calmly she wiped her dagger clean and sheathed it. She approached them, offered her hands, and was manacled – they had an image to maintain after all. Either way, she would be asleep in her own bed soon enough.
Murder, kidnapping, extortion, and theft – these are just a few of the jobs the Qor Caleem are called upon to perform for the Ilsuvaati. They are primarily used to maintain the Ilsuvaati family's power in the Murgothi Confederacy by overtly attacking their enemies, perceived or true, and sending a warning to would-be rivals.

Overt Methodology

Arrogance and bravado are part of their training, and while useful in matters internal to the Confederacy, has been known to cause problems for the Ilsuvaati in the rare instances when they are sent abroad for clandestine operations. In each of their assignments, they are sure to make use of high visibility and high impact magic whenever possible, giving their opposition little chance to resit. Those incapable of magic wield their masterfully crafted and iconic glass blades and toy with their victims instead. Without fail, each mission results in new rumors and tales told in the local taverns.
This bluster also makes Qor Caleem agents practically untouchable by law enforcement. Town guards usually completely ignore the comings and goings of the agents, not wanting to end up on the wrong side of their spells or blades. Occasionally, they will even offer assistance to known Qor Caleem members in hopes of receiving a reward. Only when the Ilsuvaati decides that individual agents are becoming too much of a risk to the family will they lose the protection of their reputation.
Founding Date
198 OA
Military, Intelligence
Alternative Names
Shattered Sand

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