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Cognitomechanical Society

The Cognitomechanical Society was founded in the year 65 EE by the five head horologists of the Queen Anne project.
The Society was founded as an independant experts group on the subject of cognitomechanics, the engineering behind artificial thinking, and often holds readings in prominent scientific events.
Although it is fairly widely known of, it remains an exclusive society with regular meetings of a less formal nature where many new ideas on the topic of interest are exchanged.

Public Agenda

The society intends to further advance understanding in the field of cognitomechanics through holding lectures, participating in the design of government or scientific automata and conducting research of their own.
Its contributions to society as a whole have given the group great renown and significantly expediated the progress of research on the topic
Popular happenings such as the Weathers believe it to be a matter of time until automata's behaviour become indistinguishable to our own, though these speculations are generally met with frowns by professionals.   Further reading
The following is a human-language excerpt from behavioral information storage unit [1988-B].
For reasons of technical security no information from this storage unit may be published or in any other way conveyed to others.

[!;A-1;17-16-66;̣~<====A small memento on personal brilliance====>
<Know you are in great danger if you are reading this, for it may
be the last thing you read in this world.><For the brilliant five
who are my companions and I and designed the new queen, which has
still to be named.><You must believe this construction to be like
its predecessor, our Queen Victoria, and there you would be wrong
.><Yes, of course she uses a different source of energy, but this
machine is designed to be flawed, to be manipulated, so there may
never again be such a crisis caused by perfectionism and blinding
indecisiveness.><Man-made life, or the emulations thereof, cannot
be trusted to make descisions for us, and through this act we can
control it, perhaps not without restriction, perhaps not with the
public eye upon us, but nevertheless by our own volition.><Murder
can become a training simulation with a fictional victim, expense
can become a philantropic contribution or a diplomatic gift to an
honourable attachee of the empire with a little wit and slight of
hand.><We have become virtually untouchable, and none can know of
it at all.><Except you, dear reader, and not even for any notable
length of time.><====Beware, you will not be believed====>][.;Q-5

Possunt quia posse videntur.

Founding Date
17th of Aequor, 65 EE
Social, Group
Alternative Names
Turning Cog Society
Notable Members
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