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Hastened Delight

Maturus in the year 97 EE (upsides)

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The world has changed much since this description was written, it does not entirely reflect the current state.
An update is in progress.
Once upon another time,
In a world far, far away,
Under trees in grass sublime,
Stag and doe did peaceful lay,
  Among this peace the humans reigned,
And under them was much life drained,
Though work of hate unsavory,
And taxes high and slavery,
  Then one day came forth a child ,
The son of King and Lady vain,
With hair quite fair and temper mild,
To rid this reign of inhumane,
  And as the former King did fall,
He conquered land imperial,
Not through hands that death did call,
But passion immaterial,
  Pledged towards a greater vision,
The nation people did inspire,
Soon controlled were with precision,
Air and water, earth and fire,
  The knowledge built from science grew,
The path of nature leaves our view,
And in the progress made so rash,
Is buried under soot and ash,
  The King growing of age quite old,
The greatest minds of all had told,
To build of brass a Queen wholehearted,
To lead them on once he departed,
  This Queen of Steam,
The late King's dream,
Ruled fair and wise,
But soon enough came great surprise,
  Private sector innovators,
Driven on by speculators,
Made with oil unbending power,
And struck the bell for steam's last hour,
  The world of finance grows explosive,
The market becomes most corrosive,
"Revolution!" workers cry,
Wishing their dear Queen goodbye,
  The Queen the crisis must outwit,
But no solution seems to fit,
The Queen must do the best for all,
But some must hit a cold hard wall,
  To have the order soon restored,
Working of their own accord,
The Royal Engineers conceive,
A Diesel Queen peace to achieve,
  The Steam Queen loyal to her nation,
Resigns upon the invitation,
The Diesel Queen within the hour,
Had realigned the empire's power,
  Amongst this all a silent fellow,
Banished off to lands yet mellow,
[Charlie Burrows, a pilot lonely,
Is struggling for survival only.
A wasteland of the all but grand,
A crash-land far from charted land,
A need to gain the upper hand,
Is Charlie's Adventure in Wonderland.