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"A stern manner makes a good Pitymaster!"

The Pitymaster is an individual responsible for managing all aspects relating to Dovepost in the Royal Post of the Tightish Empire.
This includes the oversight of Dovepost Stations and the training of service professionals as well as the intersections between the Dovepost and the Trevy Signal and Pacer networks that cover the Ilses of Gaibidess.
In regions affected by Outgrowth, they are also responsible for deliveries traveling via the Metropolitan Line.


Very few individuals are ordained to become Pitymasters, since Dovepost is widely considered to be the most intricate branch of the Royal Post.
Although there are no formal requirements for the position, most Pitymasters have been retired Lords of the Order of Imperial Custodians.
All current Pitymasters have had a background in engineering, with the majority having been involved with the Royal Guild of Horologists at some point in their career.
This has likely had an impact on the large degree of automation found in Dovepost Stations and explains how Dovepost remains the primary means of communication for most matters of national service.


It was all very sudden. One moment I was eating dinner with my family, the next I was in Penchester with a sickle to my neck!
— Quote from an interview in The Goings-On
Whenever it is decided by the Director of Deliverance that a new Pitymaster is required, a Request for Personnel form is filled in and delivered to the Royal Household for review.
Should a suitable candidate be found, a representative of the Royal Household will be sent to inform the chosen individual that they are "summoned before Her Majesty's likeness to serve the country you honour your presence with".
Presuming this offer isn't declined, which it never has been, they are then immediately escorted to the Imperial Halls where a Rite of Servitude takes place.
This is typically followed by an informal meal with the Director of Deliverance and the escorting of the newly appointed Pitymaster back to their homes.


The primary responsibility of a Pitymaster is guaranteeing the efficient operation of the Dovepost in their designated geographic region.
This implies that the Pitymaster is constantly aware of the current state of their domain.
This includes, but is not limited to, the number and location of operational Dovepost Stations, the forecast of the weather, the estimated number of doves in service, missing and in training.
This knowledge is essential for prioritising and adapting to issues in service, and the Pitymaster can order denial of service to certain customers if required.
It is expected that the Pitymaster oversees the expansion and improvement of their domain, which often includes research and development work as well as gathering statistics and optimising the existing infrastructure.


I myself can't stand the balls and the banquets, but the gossip! Aah, the gossip...
— Attributed to Q. W. Tinkwater
Being a "Most Consigned" official, Pitymasters are part of the bureaucratic elite, overshadowed only by the Royal Household and the Crown itself.
This grants them a certain amount of prestige and gives them access to various confidential information.
Pitymasters in particular enjoy the benefit of priority communication, meaning they can use the infrastructure of the Royal Post free of charge and their messages (but not packages) will be delivered in the fastest possible time.
This is mainly to guarantee that the Pitymaster can contact any entity necessary to maintain peak efficiency of the Dovepost at any time.

Accoutrements & Equipment

As with all members of the Royal Post, Pitymasters are required to wear a service brooch with the Post's Emblem: Crossed silver quilts and a silver scroll on a base of royal red, surrounded by a golden eight-pointed sun.
Since the Pitymaster is on duty all the time when in public, Pitymasters must wear their brooch anytime they leave the house, making them easily recognisable.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Should it be conceived that the Pitymaster is not ensuring excellent service, the Director of Deliverance may have them moved to a different, less critical, position or, if The Crown approves, have them removed from service entirely.
In the case of the Pitymaster having committed an offence according to the Book of the Crown's Justice, they will be immediately and automatically removed from their post and will no longer be able to obtain a post equivalent to a "Most Consigned" official.


The role of the Pitymaster dates back to the ancient Rovans, who first bred and trained doves for ceremonial occasions.
A flock, or pitying, would be overseen by the master of pityings, who would typically work alone.
When the Royal Post was formed and the work performed by independent Pitymasters became centralised, it was decided that the term was being applied too liberally.
This lead to the differentiation between the modern Pitymaster and their subordinates, known as Pitiers.

Cultural Significance

It wouldn't be children's play without a Pitymaster, now would it?
— A Bard defending her pupil's actions to a Constable
With Pitymasters regularly taking long trips from their comfortable homes to inspect rural Dovepost Stations, they have obtained a reputation for being stern and grumpy individuals outside of the Outgrowth.
This stereotype, coupled with the fact that their uniform is easily imitated with a suit and a large postage-stamp, makes them beloved characters in children's games, often portrayed as an easy target for practical jokes.

Notable Holders

The current Director of Deliverance, Maurecent E. Blacker, acted as Pitymaster before rising to his current post.
Under his watchful eye the Dovepost network saw an increase in automation, with many Dovepost Stations becoming autonomously integrated into the Trevy Signal system.
This also lead to innovations such as the weather-based redirection of service doves and the automatic removal and attachment of messages to the dove's legs.
by A Lambent Eye
Former Pitymaster Maurecent E. Blacker
Form of Address
Lord Pitymaster
Alternative Naming
Flying Duke
Equates to
"Most Consigned" civil servant
Source of Authority
The Crown
Related Organizations


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