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Cosmopolitan Constables

...And we shall be brave in the face of danger, for the good of our people...
— Verse 3 of the Vow to Duty

The Cosmopolitan Constables are the law enforcement staff of Penchester, and are also known as Blue Toppers (due to their blue top-hats), Songbirds (they're colourful and whistle), Veins ("blue on the outside, red on the inside, black when in trouble" as is said by children, perhaps also because they come when "all is in vain") or MacReadies (after the Chief Officer of the Constabulary Sir Robert MacReady).



Constables are extensively trained in close combat practices, with and without weaponry, and undergo intense training to stay in peak condition.
This allows them to act highly effectively, possessing the stamina for chasing down an offender and the strength and technique to subdue them with minimal harm.
Additional training includes the use of predicament booths, de-escalation practices, crowd management and armed conflict, and must also be successfully achieved by all constables.

Career Progression

Constables (C) may be promoted to Esteemed Constable (EC), Grand Constable (GC), Master Constable (MC) and eventually Chief Officer of the Constabulary (COC).
Constables may specialise in one of the following branches, which grants them the suffix "of the ..." to their title:
  • Order: Specialise in administrative work and communication
  • Foot: Specialise in patrols and pursuits
  • Hunt: Specialise in gathering intelligence and investigation
  • Night: Specialise in capture and surveillance

Payment & Reimbursement

As with most government employees, constables receive a healthy salary to reduce corruption.

Other Benefits

Constables often find their work fulfilling, and are known to be invited to a cup of tea or a morsel to eat on patrol by beneficiaries, should the occasion arise.



It is the constabularies duty to ensure peace in the streets of Penchester.

Social Status

Constables are highly regarded, not least because they are known to pull off impressive acts of heroism and are open to the public.



A constable's uniform consists of the following items and must be worn at all times, including between shifts:
  • Lightweight high-collar service tunic, royal blue with brass buttons and white ornaments
  • Lightweight "runcut" service trousers, royal blue
  • Lightweight collapsible service cloak, royal blue facing outwards, imperial red facing inwards
  • Reinforced, studded service boots, black leather
  • Reinforced service top-hat with chinstrap, royal blue
  • Lightweight service gloves, white
Constables must wear the following equipment at all times when patrolling, including between shifts:
  • Reinforced service notebook with wristband, imperial red
  • Service fountain pen, brass with imperial red ink
  • Service whistle, brass
  • Service watch, brass
  • Side-handle truncheon with wristband, white
  • Duty brassard with pneumatic valve, brass
  • Pneumatic tank, pressurised, brass
  • Reinforced, flexible pneumatic tubing, rubber and brass


The uniform consists of a military tunic with a high collar to prevent garroting and chest pockets to store the service notebook, pen, watch and whistle, and the duty brassard when off duty. The constable's rank is denoted by a series of stripes, which are also seen around the ankles on the service trousers.
Cloaks are worn to protect from the weather and to signalise the constables presence. By pulling the two threads threaded over the shoulders down and fastening them to buttons on the sides of the tunic, the cloak becomes a cape. This prevents the cloak from snagging during pursuit and clearly displays the bright red of the inner material. This is used as a visual alert for danger and commands able-bodied citizens to join the pursuit.
To aid the traversal of Penchester's muddy or wet streets and prevent accidents through slippage, the modified ammunition boots have metal studs supplementing a rubber profile.
The top hat is reinforced to protect the head and function as a makeshift stepladder, while gloves are used to keep hands clean and allow smoother handling of the truncheon. It is essential that the uniform is as light and as loose yet close to the body as possible to assist the rapid response of constables and facilitate the practice of martial arts. Heavier protection is available at predicament booths.
In emergencies, a lone duty brassard may be worn to identify an individual as constable.

Service Notebook

Constables are required to enter all notable events, including time, date, location and the details of persons involved into their service notebook. This includes:
  1. The start of each shift including planned patrol route or activity
  2. The spotting of a fellow constable while on patrol including their present condition
  3. The spotting of a known undesirable character while on patrol including their present condition
  4. The receiving of criticism from members of the public (excluding offenders)
  5. The changing of plans and the reason thereof
  6. The occurrence of unlawful or antisocial behavior or the results thereof
  7. The statements of any victims present
  8. The statements of any suspects present
  9. The statements of any witnesses present
  10. The reason of apprehension of offenders taken into custody
  11. The transfer of apprehended offenders
  12. The usage of top-hat, whistle, cloak as cape, truncheon or predicament equipment in any fashion
  13. The end of each shift including a brief summary and reflection
Additional regulations apply:
  1. The action of making information illegible through removal, obfuscation or untidy writing is prohibited
  2. Should information be invalidated, it must be marked and signed, taking ยง1 into account
  3. Only constabulary service pens may be used on the notebook
  4. Sensitive information should be encrypted with the currently employed cipher
  5. Events should be documented in chronological order, or marked if not possible
  6. Should a citizen need to use the notebook (e.g. drawings or signatures), a firm grip on the notebook must be kept
  7. The usage of standard shorthand is permitted
  8. Should the notebook be lost, stolen or damaged, a fine is incurred upon the owner

Service pen, watch and whistle

The service pen, watch and whistle must be secured with the provided ornamental chains and remain easily accessible. All three must remain fully functional at all times. The service whistle may only be used for alerting constables and citizens in the vicinity of danger, in conjunction with the uniform's cloak in cape form.


Being the only weapon carried under ordinary circumstances, strict regulations must be followed:
  1. The usage by unlicensed persons is prohibited
  2. When not in use, the truncheon mast be securely fastened around the wrist
  3. Should a second truncheon be equipped, it should be secured under the tunic in an accessible manner
  4. Impact with the side-arm upon any person is prohibited due to potential long-term damage
  5. Impact with the side-arm upon inanimate objects (e.g. windows) is permitted if necessary
  6. Force may only be applied to non-compliant offenders
  7. No more then three consecutive impacts upon an offender may be made
  8. Truncheons may be bound together using the armband to form a Venerese nunchaku during combat
  9. Damaged truncheons may not be used under any circumstances for risk of injury and must be discarded safely immediately

Pneumatic System

The pneumatic tank and tubing and the duty brassard must be fully functional and are required to operate constabulary infrastructure outside the stations. The pneumatic tank should be positioned inside the uniform, the pneumatic tube connecting tank and brassard by extending through the sleeve and out through the designated hole below the inside of the elbow. Make sure to use the intended inner loops to prevent the impairment of movement.

Predicament Booths

Predicament booths contain the following equipment:
  • Spare service pens, watches and whistles, brass with red ink
  • Side-handle truncheons with wristband, white
  • Predicament duty brassards with pneumatic valve, brass with red markings
  • Spare pneumatic tanks, brass
  • Three-weighted bolas, black painted lead
  • Protective full-length Ulster coat, black
  • Chainmail and slit-visor mask, black
Notable are the black items, for they are intended for armed or particularly dangerous offenders only. The bolas are intended to immobilise the offender, while the Ulster coat and mask protect the constable in an intimidating fashion. Constables will rush to surround the offender before widening themselves and slowly advancing, creating an intimidating presence and obscuring escape routes. Should the offender attempt to flee or attack, the bolas are utilised. The bolas may also be used to restrict arm movement during transport. Civilians are advised to evacuate should they spot a constable in black.


The greatest part of the force has it's place in the streets of Penchester, though the higher-ranking constables have their own offices containing vast amounts of paper and service notebooks for documentation.

Dangers & Hazards

Constables must anticipate attack by offenders, and death may occur in the case of armed conflict.
Additionally, constables must be prepared to sustain the psychological effects of listening to other people's worries.
Alternative Names
Blue Topper, Songbird, Vein, MacReadies
Public Services
There are always those who won't join in.
Famous in the Field
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