Order of Imperial Custodians

The Order of Imperial Custodians are the military force of the Tightish Empire. Having evolved from the Kingdom of Tightland's armed forces, they are now the most powerful military organisation in the world. They abide to strict principles and are the only non-lethal national military organisation in existance.


The Order is separated into four main branches:

  • Constabularies (such as the Cosmopolitan Constabulary): Responsible for national security
  • Ground Forces (Gravy): Responsible for international terrestrial security
  • Naval Forces (Navy): Responsible for international maritime security
  • Aerial Forces (Avy): Responsible for international aerial security
  It should be noted that while many forces within these branches are interchangeable and that most Imperial Custodians have experience in two or more of these branches.

Vita et Pax

Founding Date
0 EE
Military, Knightly Order
Imperial Custodian
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9 Dec, 2019 11:45

Is there punishment for custodians killing someone? How badly can custodians maim an enemy apart from tongue removal?

9 Dec, 2019 11:55

Very good questions! Since the Custodians are still subject to the Book of the Crown's Justice (Tightish law, an article I haven't released yet), they would be imprisoned according to the life expectancy of their victim, if no other crime was committed. The life expectancy being around 80 years in Tightland, they would need to spend 60 years in a Hold if they killed a 20-year-old. The custodians may not cause harm to anyone (I will still need to write the article concerning how they remain effective without injuring others), but they may become alingual to serve in more confidential departments of the government. I still have a lot to work on here, I will give a ping once I'm done with it.