Edward of Caisel

King Edward George Caisel of the Tightlands (a.k.a. His Majesty the King, the Good King)

Kind Edward was the last of the Kings of the Kingdom of Tightland, and the founder and first King of the Tightish Empire.

Physical Description

Body Features

A very pale complexion due to the lack of exposure to sunlight during his childhood.

Facial Features

Prominent cheekbones, a pointy chin, laughter lines, sleek eyebrows and a neat mustache.

Physical quirks

He was ambidextrous and walked with his hands behind his back.
He walked with a very straight and long-legged stance.

Apparel & Accessories

Is often seen wearing the tinctures on his coat of arms, being gold (or) and blue (azure), black (noir) and silver (argent), or all four colours.
His ribbons come in all manner of colours, his favorite being the bright red ones. It is very rare for him not to be wearing the Seal of Dawn.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in 21 BE as the only child of the King of the Tightlands, He was brought up inside the Palace Halls.
On the day he became 12, and therefore an eligible ruler, He saw the outer world before being locked up due to threatening the King.
During the period after His imprisonment He started writing diaries and designing His dream of a nation, where justice would rule and all would be happy.
Upon the death of His father, He became the last King of the Kindowm of Tightland at the age of 19, gradually reforming the government to form the Tightish Empire by the age of 21.

Gender Identity

Kind Edward was very much a male figurehead, and enjoyed participating in traditionally 'manly' activities.


He has been confirmed to have died a virgin.


The King was privately tutored on the topics of reading, writing, arithmetics, algebra, geometry, logic, history, literature, biology, alchemy, riding, swordsmanship, chess and upon becoming 12 years of age rhetoric, diplomacy, management and military tactics.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Having founded the Tightish Empire at the age of 21 and accelerated it to become the greatest of all nations has made King Edward the most successful leader of all time.
Under His reign scientific progress advanced at a previously unheard of rate, with the discovery of some of the greatest scientific achievements since the wheel.
A dream of His realised through the new technologies developed lead to the first Iron Ruler, a machine capable of ruling a nation in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
It was His intention to have the machine replace Him and be an indirect extension of His reign.

Failures & Embarrassments

Often referred to the Tightish as Tightans, possibly intentionally, though this jest was often found confusing and left ambassadors perplexed.

Mental Trauma

The late King's diary mentions a traumatic experience that changed his view on the world permanently and quite likely lead him to become such a revolutionary ruler.

I remember it and am disgusted by it as if I had my twelfth birthday yesterday.
I woke up to my beautiful mother, being most proud of her son and congratulating me for my birthday.
A warm hug surrounds me and the warmth and love of my mother fills me with happiness.


We walked to the dining hall, past the high windows covered in thin curtains that hid the world outside until today.
For today I was twelve, today I would be introduced to statecraft, the lands that were ours, the lands that were beyond and the place I have among them.
My father stood in the main dining hall, the dining hall reserved for special occasions, and looked down upon me with a glinting eye.
The table was laid with all the most wonderful dishes and gifts from the servants, and all of them were mine.


Among the gifts was a small wooden box, ancient in design and decorated with images of the world outside, with the sun in the sky, the mountains and clouds, the fields and the forests and the rivers and the sea. I knew what was inside even before I opened the box, it was the key of the front doors, the key to the world beyond, the key to the fields and the forests, the mountains and the rivers.
And it was.
The ancient key was mine to use.
I could barely contain my excitement.


Immediately we went to the entry hall, it's great wooden doors looming over me.
But I was in control.
Finally I would get to see the world I had always heard of, with it's many wonders, with it's beauty so otherworldly to me.
The sun and mountains, the forests and the sea, I could hear them beckon me out to them.
I placed the key in the lock, gave it a swift twist with the wrist, felt the solid clank of the open latch and slowly, the doors swung wide to reveal the outer world, a space of infinite possibility.


For a moment the sun blinded me, so brightly it shone on that day.
And I saw into the distance, the great unending freedom before me, and was in awe.
The sun and the mountains, the forests and the sea, they were as I had imagined, and yet so much more.
But in that very moment, I heard an infant's cry.


It was a sound alien to me, it made me feel something I had never felt before.
It was a twisted poison of cold dread and fear.
Shocked I turn my eyes towards Penchester, the golden crown of our land, and what do I see?
Pain and suffering meet my eyes, a thing I had never known.
I had thought all people to be equal, all to be fortunate as I, this wonderful world to be a world of equality, fairness and the sweetness of life.
But it was not so.


In that moment another sensation possessed me.
It was that of indescribable rage, that of unholy hatred.
I screamed and shouted and pounced upon my father.
And that was the last I ever saw of him.

— from King Edward's private diaries
  After this incident, King Edward was arrested and placed in solitude, parted from his family with the servants forbidden to talk to Him.
During His imprisonment, He began developing the idea of a new Government that would make an end to the evil ways of the current rule.

Intellectual Characteristics

His Royal Highness was considered highly intelligent in social, political and in effect all imaginable affairs. He was an avid learner and occupied Himself with current affairs and scientific discoveries until his death.

Morality & Philosophy

King Edward had always believed in the freedom of the individual and that no man may force another to anything.
Equality was also a strong part of His perception of the world, which lead to the Book of the Crown's Justice and effected that the only punishment in the Empire is that of time in the Hold.
He had always found that men "bottle themselves up a little much" and advocated stronger social interaction between men, often spreading his arms for an embrace but elegantly transforming it into a firm handshake should the recipient not communicate willingness to participate in the act.
He would encourage other men to be strong, not by hiding their emotions, but by showing them to others and learning to understand them better, in oneself and in others.


Topics of great injustice have been known to have agitated the King, possibly due to the event described in 'Mental Trauma'.

Personality Characteristics


The late King had always desired to do the best He can for His people.
Once He realised He had no heir He decided to have His own ruler built, to continue His work after His death.

Likes & Dislikes

Finds joy in almost anything, but despises injustice and inequality.

Virtues & Personality perks

Is was strong leader with strong motives but always had an ear for other's opinions.
He was a very good listener and tutor and was known to kindly repeat phrases in correct grammar as if to confirm He understood.
An example of this may be found in his diary:
The other day I was talking with the new horologist Dean and the impression came upon me that he did not understand I was correcting him, and I found it most amusing.
He would say, "...and there was so many gears -" and I would say, "There were many gears? I see!" and he would say, "Yes, there was many gears, -" "There were many gears, were there?" and it seemed to go on for a lifetime.

Vices & Personality flaws

To some he came across as nervous or not to be taken seriously due to his young, joyful and perhaps mildly childish nature.


Family Ties

He was the only child of King George and Lady Victoria, in whom honour the first Iron Ruler was named, Queen Victoria.
The Iron Rulers are considered His 'children'.

Religious Views

The King was a strong believer in Gladdendom, as was His duty, and He often pondered this fact.
Towards the end of His life, it saddened Him to see the people drift away from religion, using science as a placeholder.
He believed that science didn't fill the gap left by religion, and that having a belief was an essential part of a natural and healthy life.

Social Aptitude

Kind Edward was known to be most charismatic and empathetic.
He had always believed that kindness and manners were the basis of a brighter future and acted in accordance with this belief.
He was fascinated by, but rather shy of, young women.
This can be explained by the fact that before his ascension to the throne, he had only had contact females in the form of his mother, nurses and tutors, who had all been rather old.


The King was known to gesture large, flowery gestures with His arms during speeches while standing motionlessly straight.

Hobbies & Pets

He took great pleasure in mingling with the population, exploring the great outdoors and helping those in the need of cheering up.


Being a proud representation of the Tightish tongue, He would go to great lengths to express himself concisely and using the full vocabulary of the language while remaining comprehensible.
He had a very warm, deep, clean and crisp accent, and never came short on commenting how wonderful everything and everyone was.


Edward of Caisel

Best friend (Vital)

Towards Wise Oad Gnathan



Wise Oad Gnathan

Best friend (Important)

Towards Edward of Caisel



Nicknames & Petnames

Eddy the Great and Gnatty the Wise

Shared Secrets

Wise Oad Gnathan does not publicly acknowledge his friendship with King Edward, manly because it would give the impression of being biased towards the the Crown's favor when convening in the Circle of Oads.

Edward of Caisel

Master (Vital)

Towards Ingen Alten



Ingen Alten

Maiden (Important)

Towards Edward of Caisel




Originally his wet maiden, she was in charge of tending to him until her dismissal. During this period Edward began to view her as a mother, and she him as her son, though they both deny it.

Shared Acquaintances

Alfred of Caisel and Victoria of Plaise are the parents of Edward and the masters of Miss Alten.

Edward of Caisel

King (Important)

Towards Calent of Lymouthy



Calent of Lymouthy

Subject (Trivial)

Towards Edward of Caisel



Wealth & Financial state

The Crown owns nothing and is dependent on the Empire to meet their needs.

The Royal Family

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • by the Grace of the Gods of the Tightlands and of His other Realms and Territories King
  • Head of National Affairs
  • Defender of Knowledge
  • Servant of the People
  • Guardian of the Faith
21 BE 54 EE 75 years old
Circumstances of Death
Committed Draccel
Parents (Adopting)
Current Residence
The catacombs of Penchester Cathedral
Sky blue and 'always twinkling'
Short and straight and gray with age, originally blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very light pigmetation; healthy pink glow; faint freckles on nose
282◞І (~1.8m)
58◝Ψ (~76kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
We are Tightans, are we not?
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
He is a native and highly proficient speaker of both Inner and Outer Tightish and has learned the essential phrases of many other languages.

Articles under Edward of Caisel


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Final Hours

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    Commission of a Mechanical Ruler
    Construction beginning/end

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    Technological achievement

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    The Great Change of Power
    Political event

    Death of the King and crowning of Steam Queen Victoria.

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    26 Cinis

    Draccel of King Edward
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