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Dragon Tear Syndicate

The Dragon Tear Syndicate is a extremely powerful grouping of organized crime, running several highly profitable illicit operations across the borders of nations and corporations. The largest operations are in the Americas, but the network of the syndicate spans well into Allied European Nations and Asia.


  • Arms trafficking
  • Cybercrime
  • Drug trafficking
  • Extortion
  • Human trafficking


The syndicate has a complex authority structure with a clear divide between street level activity and higher up management of these illicit operations. Typicaily the syndicate is organized into local cells, each running a operation. Depending on the size of a operation a local cell can be split into even smaller sub-cells. A local cell reports to a larger regional grouping which reports to another overarching structure of leadership.   Due to the division into localized cells internal power struggles and infighting occur from time to time. Allthough these are tollerated to some extend it is expected that it is a quiet and swift power transition with continued alligence to the syndicate. However should a cell decide to spilt form the syndicate, the syndicate will respond with full force and mercilessly hunt down all traitors.


Full members of the Dragon Tear Syndicate have some form of dragon tattoo anywhere on thier body, though usually the dragon is prominently displayed and worn with pride. These tattoos are no indicator of rank within the syndicate but solely a sign of membership. For example Vanessa 'Vex' Marsh, the head of a sector-scale drug operation, has an elaborate tattoo of a cyberneticly enhanced eastern dragon winding up the entirety of her left leg, ending on her lower back.   Another common tattoo within the syndicate are tear drops, which are either tattooed beneath ones own eyes or below the eyes of ones dragon tattoo, indicating the loss of a close friend, loved one or respected companion and similar grievances.
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