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Sauter Family

The only reason that this place hasn't crashed and burned, is simply because my great-great-grandmother fought tooth and nail to keep the economy running. And as my father said, we shall keep it going even if it means breaking the law.
— Nicolas Sauter

The Sauter family is one of Faramund's most well known and wealthiest families, running the Tradewinds Guild downtown as well. For several centuries straight, they have helped maintain the economic stability of Peripatia's capital. Yet, their popularity has led to them becoming something above the law, especially with their founding mother's divine status amongst Sichelan.

Public Agenda

Although their intentions are relatively harmless, the Sauter family devotes themselves to the idea of ensuring Peripatia's economy is regulated by all costs necessarily. As such, their family has close connection the the kingdom of Peripatia in general, being often regarded as its saviour during its economic collapse.


Since the Sauter family is the leading figure of the Tradewinds Guild, they own a lot of ground within and surrounding the area of Faramund and Peripatia. Whether that be their own mansion to even small plucks of land around the kingdom, often resorted to things like vacation resorts or hunting grounds.

Additionally, due to their somewhat religious background through the aid of Tressa, they also are in possession of a few valuable magic items and artefacts, often bought over from local merchants or obtained through other means.

Above the law

Despite the honesty and modesty of the Sauter family with their transparency regarding magic items and respecting the laws of illegal wares trading, they have been known to be hypocritical. Amongst their mansion, several artefacts have been found that have been illegalised in Faramund, yet they still keep for themselves.

Additionally, some of the past members have been known to encourage black market trades, sometimes with encoruagement of the royal family. Even nowadays there are rumours going around that Nicolas Sauter gets away with illegal underground trades normally considered forbidden amongst Faramund itself.

Stability in Trade across all corners of the world


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