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The Shadvruk

After many dawns of opposing Yenarian rule and living in the shadow, the Cult of Shaf founded the Shadvruk. The organization was founded on the far side of the island and attached people who had been prosecuted by the Yenarians. Over the course of the following days the organization grew in power oftens seen as a more legitimate head of the Jharette faith than the corrupt D'Lith. During the the Shadvruk defeated the Yenarian cities on the island. Now all the cities on the island have their independence, yet they loosely owe their loyalty to the Jharette faith. After winning independence the Shadvruk reorganized the title of D'Lith at the conference of Council of Vruk'Lith. The D'Lith is still responsible for the ceremonial duties of the faith. But the Shadvruk is responsible for the doctrial questions and the enforcement of order.   This rearrangement has let the Shadvruk go around Jharette for the past 45 dawns and rule on moral disputes that families had cities have been having. Since the Yenarian culture has been intertwined with the Jharette culture this had led to a widespread prosecution of the Yenarian people living in Jharette. Often times resulting in thier death and confiscation of property.


The organization is the arm of the faith tasked with enforcing the moral way of living and with ruling on doctrinal disputes. The head of the Shadvruk is the Shadvruk himself. The Shadvruk is a title that is passed down by the current shadvruk naming a successor and that successor inherits the title when the current shadvruk passes away. The Shadvruk lives in a great palace in the city of BLANK while the D'Lith lives at Lithstarr.
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