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Mahrooq bilfadha


The Mahrooq bilfadha is a small separate wing of the (philosophy) which includes all members of a same rank. Their role is getting involved with confirmed cases of spellcasters and smugglers involved in demonic activities, or trying to use or trade forbidden knowledge such as Sunspark Automative Constructions or other inventions by the outlawed mage Vyceric. They act as judge,jury and executioners of said criminals and deliver execution by any means possible.


As the right hand of (philosophy), the silver-seared are indocrinated strongly about the dangers of arcane and misused science for nefarious purpose. Many of their members have had family members victim of it, which make their believes strong. They believe only a swift and strong response is right, and passive or lax measures leaves only opportunities for evil to grow. They also are absolved by the (philosophy) for doing murders, as they are believe their cause to be necessary in the pursuit of peace.

Public Agenda

Vanish and Purge any wrong-doers related to the uses of forbidden magic or trade, use and hiding of ancient relics banned by the Order. Many of their intervention involves direct retaliation and violence to reach their means.

Foreign Relations

The silver-seared have a bad reputation around other countries they are visiting if they are trying to track or capture a named person outside of Al Talif. Their absolute disrespect for other judiciary and laws to take care of the problem they are on makes them hard to deal with the local peace-keeping forces. They however try not to alienate those and leave if asked to, unless they doubt said forces are protecting the target, and will try to complete their mission in a different way.

'Judge, Purge and Execute in the Name of the Word, until the taint is gone'

Guild, Assassins
Alternative Names
The silver-seared
Training Level
Veterancy Level


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