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Data Cores Limited

A long-gone producer...

Data Cores Limited, at least from my understanding was one of the largest corporations on Minerva before the fall of the ancients. The company is of course now long-defunct but I've been able to piece together a small amount of information on the company. This information coming from an old and lengthy journal I recovered from an abandoned structure near Arsenal Basin. The journal appears to be written by a man named Jorick. However, practically all of it was him complaining about the company. The largest information about the business was that of their


A majority of the workers for the company were salespeople who had to compete with the robotic workers the company also built. Leading to extremely fast-paced and hectic work life for the people who were employed by the corporation. I find reading the journal difficult as according to Jorick he felt completely trapped and helpless in leaving the company. When he attempted they simply threatened his life. He explained that this practice was common for larger corporations, even if no one ever talked about it.

Public Agenda

From all retrieved records and advertisements I have recovered, they were a company that manufactured and developed electronics and robotics. Always with some motto or a catchphrase.


The founding date of the company was unknown but at the time Jorick was under the companies employ they had existed for 200 years, celebrating the anniversary of that date. The Business was booming to an increased demand for robotics in military applications. His specific job to be to sell to the soldiers and contractors in Reserve Arsenal Delta.


Like all major corporations from the forgotten era, they were destined to be destroyed when their civilization fell. An unknown, catastrophic event that wiped out all of the ancients leaving only some records as to what exactly happened. If Awoken folklore is to be believed then the death of the ancients is due to an ever growth of black ontologite.

When chores are a bore, its a job for a core.

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