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Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo

You think we are common thugs? Please. Our Family has style.
  Hailing from the island of Palsamo, the Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo is one of the many organised crime families endemic to Ignei, collectively and colloquially known as "Mafia". The Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo is perhaps the most famous and historically influential in Eynoria.   Althouth the Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo mostly operates with subtlety behind the scenes, they have become infamous for their aggressiveness and outbursts of violence that frequently go unprosecuted.


The Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo has a command structure very similar to the other Ignei Mafia families. It is headed by a Boss, known in other families as the "Capofamiglia", but is known in the Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo as "Il Grosso Formaggio".   The Boss is aided and advised by one or more advisers, or "consigliere", who independantly oversee internal dealings, especially financial ones.   An Underboss, "sotto capo" in other families and "Il piccolo formaggio" in the Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo, acts as an assistant to the Boss, and sometimes as a regent.   The Boss in theory has absolute authority over the heads of various groups and gangs that make up their Mafia family. These groups are lead by a "capodecina" implying that there are ten men under their command, though this may vary between Mafia families. It is currently unknown exactly how many people are in each gang in the Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo.   Typically known to outsiders as "Thugs" or "Gangsters", Mafia families typically refer to them formally as "Soldiers", or "soldati" or occasionally "operai". They typically refer to themselves as "Mafiosi" or "Men of honour".   Men not formally inducted into a Mafia family are referred to as associates. This is as far as non-native Ignei men can progress within the Mafia families.


Much like the other Mafia families across Ignei, activities that the Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo engage in or have previously engaged in include: protection racketeering, smuggling, fencing stolen wares, arms trafficking, money laundering, illegal gambling, blackmail, extortion, coercion, bribery, political and judicial corruption, piracy, tax fraud, kidnapping and ransom, assault, contract killings, murder, and stealing candy from babies.   Mafiosi are bound by a code of silence. They are forbidden to speak directly to law enforcement except where explicitly authorised, or to testify to law enforcement, even in their own defense. They are forbidden to reveal other Mafiosi to non-Mafiosi. To break these codes is to risk the retribution of their family, the penalty is usually death, even on the first offence.   They prefer to operate quietly and with subtlety, and open violence is generally frowned upon. Despite this, they are infamous for their violence when riled. Assault and murder, along with most of their other crimes, frequently go unpunished through a combination of bribery, blackmail, and witness intimidation.   Mafia families often confine their activities to the town, city, county, or island where they are based. Despite this, inter-family tension is common. Political maneuvering between families often leads to violence.  
When will Tony finish his new gun? It would come in useful round about now.
  Mafia families often invest in legitimate businesses, both as fronts for their illegal activities, and as more legitimate pursuits. The Famiglia Nostra di Palsamo has very openly funneled a lot of silver into one of Palsamo's local Powdersmiths, Antonio "Tony" Rossi, who since 981 Era of Spirits has been attempting to invent a repeating flinlock.
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Palsamo Mafia


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