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The Order of the Island

The Order of the Island is a secret organization that remains behind the prying eyes of society. Many are sure they exist, but can't prove it They live to protect the island known as Zafar. They firmly believe that what they do carries on the good name of Zaria. They live to serve her. They live to love her. They live to know her. They believe that they will be loved by her when they die. That they will live forever with her in a better place. They stopped the kingdoms from taking over the island. They make sure no one that doesn’t belong goes there. They keep the plants and animals healthy. They have worked their way into the law enforcers of each of the kingdoms, keeping them above the law. They are secretive and unknown. They invade every aspect of the law, to keep their oder above the laws. They serve the goddess Zaria and live to make sure her will goes headed. They keep their actions secret. They obey only their own rules and the laws set in place by Zaria herself. They refuse to let anyone tamper with the Island, and won’t let anyone disrespect Zaria. They keep the visitors of the island in check without giving up their identities. They make sure no one tampers with the land too much, and make sure no one forgets who truly rules the island. There are many things Zaria would not allow, and they strive to put a stop to whatever she wouldn’t like. They keep the order of the island.

Protecting Zafar, no matter what it takes.

Founding Date
No one knows
Secret, Religious sect

Cover image: by Thgusstavo Santana


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