The Bank of the Iron Fist

Located in the Southwest region of Lothlonde on a small, but well-fortified isle, The Bank of the Iron Fist is the primary source of many cities' wealth. The Bank supplies loans in many currencies around the world to those who may need money in the short term. Contracting out the money, they always get paid what they loan and more with interest. The Iron Island that the bank sits on is not claimed by any nearby nation. This is so it can freely deal with any country, city, or individual that may need their services. Many capitals have tried to outlaw individuals borrowing money from The Bank, but with its contractors are adept in the ways of spacial magic and always find a way to the borrower when summoned.

  A contract with the Iron Fist is agreed upon during the summoning process. Once a contractor has arrived you've already agreed to borrow some amount of money from them. A contract must be paid in the allotted time. No warning or reminders or extensions are given to anyone borrowing from them, no matter your status. If a contract is not paid back in full, with interest in the time agreed upon, The Bank sends its Iron Fist to complete the transaction. Many individuals, royalty and impoverished alike have tried to outrun or hide from the Iron Fists, but all have failed and all contracts have been completed.

  The Iron Fists of The Bank are a pair of iron armored knights. Not much is known about them, but they are the muscle The Bank calls upon to complete contracts. Masters in multiple schools of magic, and adepts in all forms of martial combat The Right and Left Fist are a deadly duo. They are seemingly immortal but any written accounts of there appearance never include their actual faces, just their iron armor. They are, however, very careful during their contract completion process in that they have never, in their hundreds of years of service, harmed someone not under contract with The Bank of the Iron Fist.


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