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Neflia Royal Family


The Neflia Royal Family determines power by inheritance. Individuals are married into the family to help produce heirs. The eldest child of the ruler is the first in line to succeed (regardless of gender) when they die. In one rare case, the Royal family had twins which they determined as the first of the two born. Whoever sits on the throne is considered the head of the family, even if elder members of the family are still alive.

Public Agenda

The Neflia Royal Family Agenda is to keep the Neflia Empire continuing and to give the people an individual to look to in times of crisis.


The Royal family owns a huge amount of assets in both coinage and in physical assets. They own several large estates including the Rothsgan Palace. The family also has large stakes in the Sea of Shards Trading Company which is responsible for a majority of international trade, especially with their neighbors in Southern Noshotan.   The Neflian Navy is under the direct control of the ruler that patrols the waters surrounding Neflia herself and several regions within the Sea of Shards. It is the main fighting force, including several land units but they all fall under the umbrella of the Neflian Navy.


While all of the gods are worshipped within Neflia, it is said that the Royal Family was blessed by the Goddess Blinn. Early victories of the early blossoming Neflia Empire was the succession of Naval battles that were won by the Empire. Most claim that their superior naval force is because of Blinn's Blessing. Rumors spread on how Neflian Naval Ships can sail through raging storms without a scratch on them.

Foreign Relations

The Neflia Royal Family has incredibly close ties to the islands in the Sea of Shards and with the underwater ports of their oceans. While most of the islands are colonies, they have a very healthy relationship with the home country. The Royal Family is rarely heard of turning down from a call for aid.   Many don't like the absolute control the Royal Family has over the Empire of Neflia, especially several city-states underwater. This has resulted in a mass flux to piracy which has been known to be a big issue in the Sea of Shards. Pirates will raid Neflia Merchant ships to sell in Southern Noshotan or one of the many other ports in the Sea of Shards.


Every member of the royal family is taught diplomacy, linguistics, and magic. Their study of magic is usually through means of information gathering, and translation. Some monarchs have taken the study of Evocation during times of war, even if they rarely stood on the front lines.
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Neflian Coin, comes in denominations of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Copper. When a new ruler is crowned all mints must change the coinage to match the ruling monarch.
Legislative Body
While the ruling monarch has the final say on what becomes law, the bulk of legislature is handled by the Court of Lords. They draft up the exact word of the law at the orders of the monarch.
Judicial Body
As the monarch once again has absolute say, they put in place a High Court of Neflia to handle the details of judicial work. They enact the law laid down by the monarch and control punishment of crimes committed.
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations


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