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The Miragaes


How do they use their illusionist powers? How many are there? Why does the government fear them and not impose reprocusions? --blackmail material.

Public Agenda

The Miragaes are known by reputation thought the Sea Prince Principalities as important government officials, though few know exactly what their specific role is within the government. The truth is the Saltmarsh government fears the organizations power. As illusionists, they have the ability to disguise themselves and are skilled enough to do so without detection. Because of these abilities and their deep connections within the principalities, the sea princes are deeply aware of the power the mirages have through information. 


Prince Sark regularly steals money from the treasury for poker games run at whore houses. He paid one of the whores in royal heirlooms to assassinate a neighboring princess's daughter. The owner of the whorehouse recognized the locket as a companion item that they had received as payment 24 years earlier. Realizing that the prince before her was an illegitimate son of a whore, she tried to extort the prince for tax breaks and economic benefits. Already aware of the Prince's situation, the Miragae's offered to handle the situation in the spirit of discression. In return the Miragaes demanded an area of town be designed to them and be allowed to partition off from the national governnance. The group knows that the most powerful currency is information and keeps their law-full status tightly under wraps.


The miragaes have existed in the shaddows for hundreds of years, quietly observing the passage of time, and gathering enough information around them to gently pull the powers that be into favorable directions. Leaders within the organization, known as Mysts, have an uncanny knack for being at the right place at the right time with the right amount of inforation, and none does this more masterfully than Laxyak.


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