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Order of the Silverblade

The Order of the Silverblade was founded in the early years of the Empire of Ulstrom by a group of Ardenians in the early years of the empire's formation, in order to fight back against the tyrannical oppression of the vampires, House Starblight.   Within Ulstrom, the Silverblade has formed itself as a force to fight against the Starblights. They operate within the province of Arden, and are in a position outside the law.   The Silverblade also operates outside of Ulstrom, however, they are widely accepted by the law there, with the exception of Harukagon, in which they are banned. In Al'Zharia, they have an embassy. It is believed their their branch in Red Scar is the primary location of staging members who are leaving/entering the empire. In Edox and the Council of Midara, they operate as a way to fight against evils that prey on humanity, primarily Vampires and Werewolves. The largest public branch of the Silverblade is located in Zoso, which takes advantage of its lazed port regulations to stage missions outside of Midara.
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