The Sea Princes

The Sea Princes are a strong confederation of pirates based in a group of Islands in the Western waters of of the Southern Reaches of Voltera. The largest of these islands are Referred to as the hold of the Sea Princes but The Sea princes also Rule over Steadfast Isle, Pinespar Cay, and Devil's Bog. The Hold of the Sea princes has many fortifications and well defended safe harbors and towns that over time have become stronger than many nations own port defenses.   Many Neighboring nations look upon the Sea Princes with disdain as they have gained their power and wealth at the cost of their own trade and wealth growth. The Lure of a life of piracy has even effected the quality of sailors and captains some nations can recruit to the point that some nations basically have given up on legal or military actions against the Sea Princes and some have even agreed to pay protection money to these pirates or drafted outright treaties.   The Term Sea Princes specifically refers to a League or council of powerful captains that have the relative wealth and stature of what would be equivalent of a Prince in many of Voltera's Feudalistic Societies or Cultures. They Command Powerful Ships and usually several lesser captains and hundreds if not thousands of Pirate Seamen. The Princes Rise to power somewhat by election of their crews but they only rise to the Rank of sea prince through clear evidence of not only competence but clear demonstrations to lead and bring profit to their crews. The Rise to the title of Sea prince leads to command of powerful legendary ships and or key Fortifications within the Hold. It is understood that 13 Captains Hold the title of Sea Prince and they hold council to meet and make decisions for the Confederation a 14th captain heads up this council and holds the title of Grand Sea Prince. This 14th Captain Overseas the Council meetings and Makes the head command decisions from the Bastards Citadel in the center of the Great bay of the hold of the Sea Princes.   Ships of Renown commanded by the Sea princes are known to be some of the most powerful sailing the Seas of Voltera they have names befitting their Stature. Some of these are listed here. The Revenant, The Harbinger, The Vengeur, The Black Queen, The Sea Wraith, The Iron Siren, The Soul Reaver. Sea Princes also Command the following Fortifications Harbinger Battery, Fort Vendetta, Scarlet's Bastion, Long Nine's Bastion and the Fortified Shipyard City of Baratarria.   The Sea Princes and the Hold of the Sea Princes is although a dynamic and vibrant community or society they are basically a mixture of many of the races of Voltera, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Half Orcs and Half Elves, Sea Elves, Lizardmen and even some Tabaxi all joined together in sort of a confederation of outlaws and outcasts banded together into a powerful pirate nation above the law and jurisdictions of many of the nations and kingdoms of Voltera.   Regional Descriptions:   Scavengers Bay: Guarded by a small battery at the mouth of the bay and the Natural Rocks at the mouth of the bay this little Tent town sits on the eastern most coastline of of the Hold of the Sea Princes. It got its name as it is a popular location to dismantle and sell stolen vessels. The town is more of a ramshackle tent town with few actual permanent structures and literally hundreds of ships skeletons and remains scattered throughout the town and beach line. Aspiring Pirates come here to acquire and their refit ships as they try to make a name for themselves. If your ship was taken by the sea princes and its not of some notoriety or high value it will most likely be found or its remains found here.   Reavers Bay: Just a crows fly south of Scavengers bay is Reavers Bay a deep water harbor protected by the rocky reefs of its mouth and a proper Fortification known as Fort Vendetta this is the anchorage of many of the skilled captains of the Sea Princes with moderate standing. The port provides an access road it the largest Town at the Hold of the Sea Princes Damnation harbor.   Fort Vendetta: Sitting on cliff rise at the mouth of Reavers Bay Fort Vendetta is an impressive Structure with a garrison of several hundred Pirates at least 20 large cannon's and a dozen catapult's and ballista's. it is also the Home of Sea Prince Captain Garrod the Black.   Damnation Harbor: The Walled city of damnation harbor is the largest city in the Hold of the Sea Princes it is the primary center of trade with two deep water harbors, Damnation Harbor proper and Reaver's Bay to its south the City boasts several cannon batteries on its walls for a strong defense and within a sizable Iron Foundry, a merchants quarter, and several Inns and taverns. If you are looking for something for sale you can find it in Damnation harbor although it is most likely stolen or made from stolen materials or goods. Surprisingly the city also has three temples despite being a lawless town the largest of these is dedicated to Umberlee, whose clerics also run the prize courts of the Sea Princes. Two lesser temples are within the city belong to Tymora and Waukeen. Damnation Harbor is under the control of Sea Prince Captain Taralis the Red "The Right had of the the Grand Sea Prince" his crew numbers over 3000 men known for wearing Red silk Sashes around their wastes, they along with the clerics of Umberlee are the law enforcement in the city.   Careener's Cove: On the the North side of the hold of the Sea Princes is Careener's Cove its long stretch of sand and gravel beach has been an Ideal location for Pirates and Sailors to Careen and clean their vessels of barnacles and the dreaded Toredo worm. Here is another Tent and shanty town and a popular location for medium and small vessels to hold over and refit while their crew are a short hike over the hills to harlot's beach can partake in a little R&R and Debauchery. Careener's cove has an ample supply of Tar and is a reputable place to hire carpenters to make quick repairs. The Cove is defended at its mouth by the infamous Long Nines bastion.   Harlot's Beach: What started as a temporary beach encampment of Bawdy Women, Hookers and Whores, looking to turn some coin and the occasional waiting spouse when the Pirates anchored here seasonally has grown into a sizable town now. The profits of the Sea princes and their crews desires for the Carnal Pleasures has turned more than just a few coin. The Town came into Prominence when many of the Prostitutes banned together and literally routed several of the Pirate captains and crew taking their ships as payment for crews partaking of the pleasures and not making good on payments. It took the protest of a Female Sea Prince Captain "Scarlett Lovejoy" and a House Madam "Lady Gabrielle" and several harlots skilled in Dueling to earn the initial respect of the Sea Princes and now a majority of sea Prince captains. Lady Gabrielle now runs the town and has her own Town guard and sits in on Sea Prince Council meetings although she has no vote her words carry allot of influence and power and she is allowed to speak as she has basically a control valve on the morale of many of the pirate crews of the Sea princes. The Town now boasts several Houses of Prostitution, Taverns, Inns, a Theater, and Pawn shops, Brewer and Distillery and even some quality tailor shops. The Beachfront is protected now by a Seawall and a Battery of Guns.   Bastard's Citadel: This is a massive Fortress town and the Capitol of the Hold the Sea Princes. This is where the Grand Sea Prince holds council and the Sea Princes come to meet. The City sits atop and is literally carved into the limestone cliffs. The City sports massive walls and has cannon batteries facing in all directions sporting over 100 cannon. Narrow city streets line inner sections of the citadel and a network of tunnels deep within the rocks. The Grand Sea Prince has a garrison of over 6000 Men and it said that the Bastard's Citadel could withstand a siege of well over a year. The Harbor leading into the great Citadel is walled and portions of it is also high ceiling sea caves tall enough to allow large masted vessels to enter. The City Sports many merchants and shops, a Dry Dock and an Iron Foundry. Rumors abound of the most massive vault of treasure and loot is deep within the Citadel. The Grand Sea Prince ruling over the Citadel is Manfred Vane and has ruled as the Grand Sea Prince for over 20 years after beating the Previous Grand Sea Prince Bartholomew Blood in a duel to the death when council votes where split.       Harbinger Battery: At the North western Point of the Great Bay stands Harbinger battery and Ancient fort that stood at this location even before the great storms. When the Sea Princes claimed the site it was a decaying structure made from coral rock. It has since been built up from coral rock reclaimed from the harbor waters of the Bastard's Citadel. The Battery touts 36 very heavy long range cannon and a garrison of about 500 men and is commanded by Sea Prince Raynard Avery.   Scarlet's Bastion: This Fortification Sits atop a limestone Cliff on the Southwestern Mouth of the great bay. It is the newest structure within the hold of the sea princes and is less than a decade old. Named after the Sea Prince Scarlet Lovejoy who now rules from this location. Her rise to prominence among the Sea princes is fabled and the Grand Sea Prince declared the naming of the bastion after her when she was tasked with overseeing the Fortification's construction and had it completed within 2 years when it was said to take 5 years. the Fortification sports 40 Cannon and a garrison of around 1000 men. Below the Limestone cliff is a large sea cave that harbors some of Scarlet Lovejoy's personal ships. There is s stretch of beach running up to the Citadel Cliff that makes the Fort difficult to approach from almost any side. the Citadel also has a lighthouse and Lookout tower so the mouth of this great bay can be found a great distance off. This was Desired as the Sea Prince ships go out on raids great distances and the Navigational Beacon aides them and also serves as a warning as it is a bright Red light unlike most other Lighthouse beacons.   Pinespar Cay: South of the main island of the Hold of the Sea Princes is Pinespar Cay a small thickly forested island known for its abundance of Pine and Spruce wood used in shipbuilding carpenters and loggers typically only anchor or beach on this island and gather materials for shipbuilding that is conducted mainly in Barrataria. The Island is almost totally undeveloped except for some seasonal logging camps.   Steadfast Isle: the Next Island south of the Hold of the Sea Princes is Steadfast Isle a robust Logging and Carpentry community with a sizable lumber mill here built behind wooden palisade wall just a short distance inland from the Western coast of the island. The island residents Harvest and Propagate Hardwood on the island for the Sea Princes and turn a good enough profit that the settlement will probably become a proper city in the next decade. The island is known for its Sturdy Oak and Ironwood trees.   Devils Bog Island & Barrataria: The most southern island belonging to the sea princes is Devil's Bog island for the most part it is a sub tropical swampland that is very uninviting. The one section of dryer land lies on the northeastern coast deep inside a bay is where you find Barrataria a town mostly built one wood and stone piers there are at least 3 heavy wooden palisade batteries that protect the entrance to the Bay. The town deals primarily in shipbuilding and entertains even some overseas trade. The town has a Canal system that runs out to another bay that comes out into a good sized harbor on the Western side of the island making this port doubly difficult to blockade as shipments come out of both of the bays and even small runs out through the swamps. The town of Barrataria is ruled by the Ildefonso family and was independent from the Sea princes but found it more profitable to Join them the Eldest brother Fermin Ildefonso handles all the Garrison and is the Town Governor, his Brother Gaspar Ildefonso was an accomplished privateer for several years and earned a title as one of the Sea Princes while their youngest sister Celia Ildefonso took on the trade their father had started and runs the Shipyard and is a renown master shipwright. All three siblings are accomplished sailors and Captains. The Family although tied to the Sea princes and making a lions share of its income from them still has influence with other regions and kingdoms they hold noble pedigrees that earns them some respect despite their dealings. Rich Merchants and Nobility seek to have a fine ship built by the Ildefonso Family name as they are some of the best ships known in all of Voltera. Their Port of Barrataria is a popular trade stop for both Merchants and Smugglers alike.   This Encapsulates the Hold of the Sea Princes a small group of islands run by and growing confederation of Brigands, Freebooters, Pirates and Thugs their power and influence reaches far across the waters of Voltera as does their ships and makes them often more than just a thorn in the side of many of traditional monarchy's and nations of Voltera who would love to see their demise but it will take some epic planning and sea power to do so.

Reap o' the wind! The World fills our Coffers!!

Illicit, Pirate Crew
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Council of the Sea Princes led by the Grand Sea Prince.
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