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Voltera A vast oceanic fantasy world with small diverse island continents, and archipelagos, where high fantasy meets high seas. At its center a great magical maelstrom. Get ready to Sail and Adventure Voltera's Tides?

Year 394 After the Great Storms

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A (Homebrew/Mix) Campaign fantasy world of Many Island Continents with vast expanses of Ocean. At the Northern Pole of this world is a great Maelstrom that at times acts as a gateway to other worlds and planes and often deposits souls and survivors from these other worlds here. The world Relies heavily on seagoing trade and is a heavily nautical campaign. The primary region featured is the "Southern Reaches" Map of Voltera (To Which I have Incorporated the Area from "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" A D&D5E Adventure series") . Below you can view this setting and glean more information about some of the regions other maps will eventually come in and cover more details.   For General Details Check out the Map of the Southern Reaches.   For Details on the Campaign Location Check out the Map Southern Ageron.   We have a private Facebook page her is the link below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/497106790900952/   Since the Start of the pandemic I and my Game Group had to take to playing online we have played first on roll20 and now are using and loving Shard Tabletop. This adaptation or change revealed a new Love / Hobby / Side Hustle in making digital maps for encounters and our adventures if you are in need of Maps feel free to head over to my Ko-Fi page:   https://ko-fi.com/craftydm   I Have used several images from the internet because I am no artist and they are appealing to me to and help improve my pages looks. I have no intent on profit from these images only to bring color to my world if you have issue with their use please message me and I will surely have them replaced or removed...