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Prime Astrals

The Prime Astrals are a small sect of followers of the Astral Gods. They have taken it upon themselves to enforce the will of the Gods, and ensure that certain events heralded by the stars come to pass. Their slow rise in power brought with it respect and rights greater than any organization before it. Powers of conscription, staying or enforcing executions, and claiming lands or goods are just a sample of the privileges they enjoy. The Prime Astrals have never abused any of these powers, resulting in their right to supersede local and federal laws to increase in authority. Even other powerful organizations such as the Order of the Raven, often assumed to be above many laws due to their crucial functions, must bow to any orders given by the Prime Astrals.


The organization is very small in size. At its head are the Three Prime Astrals, who serve to keep each other in check. No action is taken by them without a unanimous decision between them. Serving the Prime Astrals are five acolytes. Their function is to gather news of happenings that could be related to other astral prophecies, keeping meticulous accounts of events in the night sky, and assisting with minor interpretation of the messages in the stars. These five acolytes are chosen carefully from those who volunteer at their local astral temples.


The Prime Three spend much of their time in meditation, seeking guidance from the stars. They are nocturnal, sleeping during the day and using the hours of the night to work. The Prime Three are chosen by the astral gods directly, and cannot forswear their duty. Only death releases a member of the Prime Astrals from their mission. When one of the Prime Three joins the gods in the stars above, the remaining Prime Astrals assemble in the astral temple and beseech the gods for guidance. That night, a falling star will be seen passing through the night sky. The Prime Three will follow it's trail to their newest Prime Astral. Their place cannot be refused, but it is said that all chosen Prime Astrals in history have experienced a vision of the falling star and had no objections to being chosen.
Religious, Sect

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