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Descendants of Mytheran

The Descendants of Mytheran are the royal family of the Fedheran Union. The Fedheran Unity Accords grants them exclusive rights to the throne of Fedhera.   Throughout history, the Mytherans have been the truest assholes of the Descendant families. As soon as the Purgers were gone, the Mytherans turned on their own cousins and murdered entire families to ensure they got and kept ultimate power over the throne. While the King resides over all laws, he allows his own family to act as they see fit. There is no Advisor nor Judge suicidal enough to try and hold anyone of the Family accountable.   It is well known that Mytherans are bloodthirsty murderers with no morals or boundaries. Extra-marital relationships are as common as weeds, yet children born outside the strict rule of family descent are killed. They kill or maim their cousins and brothers in competition get elected to the throne and never hear a word of censure. They are even known to have disrespected the Scroll of Empowerment when it suited them. Luckily, most Mytherans keep to their palace, so only summoned civilians, or those in their service, need fear their whims and appetites.    

Rise to Power

  Records of Mytheran manoeuvrings can be traced back as far as the early formulation of the Fedheran Unity Accords in 501PE. The original authors, Fearis Falithi and Liv IV of Anilivia, were killed with their families. Afterwards, Mytheris VI admitted to taking action against them on the grounds of impurity. Mytheris VI even took credit for the composition of the Unity Accords, though the Union was not formed until 98 years later.   Mytherion XVIII was the reigning Seat of the House of Mytheran when Utopia Fell . As the grandson of the original composer, Mytherion XVIII became responsible for the changes that ensured his family continuous power over the others. With this new power, the Mytherans continued to chip away at their rivals, both from within and from without. The persecution of rogue sorcerers continued, as did many of the laws laid down by the Purgers, even though the Covenant was officially void.   There was a brief war between the Falitians and Mytherans in the beginning of the Fedheran Union where a large portion of those bearing the Falithi name fell. The rest surrendered their right to Source. The Balavians saw what happened and submitted to the rigorous measures the Mytherans put in place to restrict the spread of their bloodline.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Mytherans, The House of Mytheran
Parent Organization
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The phrase in the first line of the second paragraph told me all I needed to know about the Mytherans - it was like handing me a lens through which to read the rest of the article (and made me laugh). A really good example of how you can get loads of information and meaning across without pages of narrative :)

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Haha, I really struggled to get the words out so I wrote it candidly. I planned to edit it out but if it makes people smile I might just keep it XD