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Grounds Crew

In the dim morning light, glowing flashes and shouts of men woke Mud Boys. The bunch were normally late risers. The shouts were quickly drowned by the loud buzzing of chain saws and the cracking of trees being cut back. After the machinery buzzing came the beeping of large equipment being reversed into position to remove The Pipe.


The organization is made up of several work groups who help maintain the mountain on behalf of the humans. They receive jobs and projects that they complete daily throughout the year.


The men who work on the crews are hard workers who usually enjoy doing a job they believe helps the community many of them live in.

Public Agenda

Their mission is to perform preventive and restorative maintenance, as well as completing beautification projects around the mountain. They trim trees back from power cables, clear snow in the winter, and repair/replace roads, culverts, drainage ditches, etc. All to prevent undue fires, erosion, and other issues that can arise when humans move into an area.
The Grounds Keepers do not know of the fairies and thus do not take their well being into consideration though, as many of them respect and enjoy the natural aesthetic of the woods and lake, their intentions usually align with that of the fairies. Their methods may be unorthodox to the fae but are usually welcomed just the same.


The crew have several buildings where they store the tools of their trade along with some office space for the managers, secretaries, etc. Beyond the building, they own many trucks, snowplows, bob cats, and other medium and heavy construction vehicles.


The grounds crew have worked in some from or another since the dissolution of the resort community. Many of their original members and buildings came from the groups that kept the old resort running.
Alternative Names
The Workmen

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