The Zarglesh'aa

"Lesson number one when traveling in Zarglÿf: don't enter the Deep. Lesson number two: don't cross the Zarglesh'aa."
  The brutal slave lords of Zarglÿf are among the most powerful men in the kingdom. While not an "official" organization, everyone knows who the "people's masters" are. They number less than a dozen, and they control most of the wealth of the kingdom. They are ruthless, and often use money and intimidation to circumvent the law. The king lets them operate how they wish, as long as they provide him with the slaves and wealth he's due, and as long as their guards and mercenaries don't become so numerous as to challenge him.  


Greedy and ruthless as they are, the Zarglesh'aa do work together to some degree. They have general agreements not to poach or steal good slave sources from each other, though buying off mercenary slave catchers is commonplace. The slave lords mercilessly control the slave market through bribery and force, often working together to squash rising competitors. Although smaller slave merchants and companies exist, the Zarglesh'aa work hard to keep them in check.   Every Zarglesh'aa has at least one location that acts as a headquarters, where a force of guards and mercenaries protects them and their primary assets. These headquarters are basically fortresses, some rivaling the royal palace in extravagance. Along with their headquarters, the Zarglesh'aa maintain multiple trading posts and markets where slaves are processed and sold. Trusted slave drivers run these markets, and they are expected to maintain order and profits. Those that fail to do so are often enslaved themselves, or simply disappear.  

Primary Sources of Goods

Kingdom law disallows the enslavement of its own people except by royal decree. Therefore, the Zarglesh'aa look beyond the borders for their goods. Mercenaries frequently raid the borderlands of Kaer Thalion, keeping to the territories of the desert clans where it's easier to avoid Thali soldiers. Large islands in the Ulkaerek Sea are the next best source, and the Zarglesh'aa have established several "trading posts" there to expedite their business. With the recent discovery of the Farlands, raids across the sea have become commonplace.   The one place the Zarglesh'aa and their mercenaries know better than to try and raid is Etherea. Even if they managed to get past the mountain border, few settlements stand between the mountains and the Enchanted Wood, and those that do are regularly patrolled by dragon riders. The few fools who do attempt to obtain Etherean slaves rarely make it back over the mountains.  

Types of Slaves

The most common slaves are those employed as servants for menial work, such as cleaning, cooking, manual labor, etc. These slaves range from the young to the old, and are usually of average build and appearance.  
Beauty slaves are almost always women, though particularly handsome men have been used for this purpose as well. These slaves are used for display and entertainment, most often bought up by nobility and merchant lords. Young, unspoiled women are particularly valued as pleasure slaves for the kingdom's 'moonhouses'. Beauty slaves range from young teens to late thirties. Once older than that, they are sold into domestic service.  
On rare occasion, mercenaries manage to capture warriors from other lands who are too strong and/or volatile for domestic use. These slaves are utilized as arena warriors in the capital, where spectators pay good money to watch them kill each other. The age range of arena slaves is the smallest, usually only between twenty to thirty, when a man is at his peak strength. Good arena slaves are especially valuable, and a few have managed to earn their way to freedom through their gladiatorial accomplishments.  
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