The Covenant is an Oligarchy, with all power being granted by the mysterious Covenant Highlord. With each step of The Exodus, a world is parcelled out after being conquered. It is divided into four or five parts with a Covenant Prince assigned to each. Each of those are divided out by the Prince and assigned to Covenant Barons who handle the minutia of keeping the peace at a regional level. Any number of civilian bureaucrats or military leaders can be assigned by the Barons to execute this task.   Local Covenant Barons are considered the law of the land in their particular regions, assuming the Prince has no interest in the issue. If a Prince does show interest, it is often to punish a Baron for abuse of power. Princes tend to police each other. The Highlord seems to have little or no interest in the happenings on a Covenant occupied world.


The Covenant seem to rarely enjoy each others company. Some choose to surround themselves with the typical sycophants that are drawn to power. Others actually try to form real friendships with the residents of whatever world the Exodus has brought them to.

Public Agenda

The Covenant's publicly stated goal is to complete the Exodus, though it is unknown exactly what this would look like. They seem to conduct social experiments to the end of pacifying the population of whatever world they occupy so they can work to this end. On Arilia, these means have greatly benefited and ecology, culture, and economy of most of the world.


The most predominate asset the Covenent posseses is the Citadel, and the object usually associated with them. These machines are capable of producing advanced technologies in large amounts out of thin air. When the Exodus reaches a new world, the Citadels are used to pacify the local governments and military, and then used to lay down factories distributed throughout the world.   These vast machines address whatever needs the local region needs. They have been known to clean the environment of pollution, produce advanced medicines to treat illnesses, refill dried lake beds. They can produce amazing alloys and fuels that can allow a species to achieve space flight where it was not possible before.   The Covenant seems to only deploy these in a limit fashion however, just enough to assure their position of power with as little violence as possible. They seem to understand that solving all the worlds problems often results in more unrest than the original problems did.


The rules of Exodus seem to forbid the Covenant of speaking of their history. The Covenant seems to have been travelling between worlds for generations, and stories tend to slip between the sheets or at the drinking table. Usually they involve wonderous deeds they have achieved. Sometimes they are of great failures and regrets. None of these stories seem to be of the Covenant itself, but rather the worlds they have visited.


The Covenant has no official military, nor does it seem to need one. Between the sheer force of the Citadels and the superpowers of the Princes and Barons, most nations fall before them in short order. The show of force is so great that the conquest is swift and relatively bloodless.   During the initial stages of an Exodus invasion, the Covenant tends to rely on the superpowers of its various Princes and Barons to dominate the local governments and militaries. These are followed by waves of automated peacekeepers. Once a peace has been formed, the majority of these peacekeepers go into a dormant state distributed around the globe, and are rarely needed.

Technological Level

The Covenant's technology is so advanced it seems like magic to all societies it encounters. Some highly talented individuals have been able to reverse engineer the more simple Covenant technologies. These are usually swept up and granted rank, sometimes taken along on the Exodus when the Covenant departs. Those that choose to use these stolen technologies against their masters quickly find that they are little threat to them, as the tools they deploy on a world are toys relative to their available arsenal.
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Geopolitical, Empire
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Transnational government
Economic System
Post-scarcity economy
The Covenant trades in power, not currency. They allow regional Barons to negotiate these mundane systems, though usually they implement a global credit system for simplicities sake.
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