The United Shadow

The United Shadow has been present on the Shadow Islands since before the people there established a working government.  Having no interest in governing, or the scrutiny that come with such endeavors,  The United Shadow choose instead to become a hidden military arm to protect the people and uncorrupted creatures on the islands.  Rarely seen, the only person they will communicate with is the leader of the Shadow Islands.  Recognizable by long black cloaks, they never lower their cowl or speak, and any violence or attempt to learn their identity is met with violent and deadly action.  Most residents of the island see them more of a force, and not an organization at all.  Some vain citizens thinking to defeat them and gain power or standing have tried to infiltrate the group.  This offence is met with a complete abandoning of the protections of that village, and they do not last long against the beasts that the United Shadow hold at bay.    As such the United Shadow are left to their own devises.  They never ask for anything, pay for any resources they need, and never create any trouble unless provoked.  They are so unobtrusive that common people rarely even notice them, or purposefully avoid noticing them, to the point that they are almost invisible and generally move across the island unmolested and unnoticed.  On the occasions that the people have called for any type of action on the illusive group, it has been made clear by any island leadership that they are to be left in peace, or risk the destruction of everything on the islands.


The United Shadow operates in such secret that their structure is completely unknown.


Feelings of invulnerability perpetuate the culture, followers believe themselves to be beyond reproach, and their actions to always be the right action.

Public Agenda

The United Shadow protects the Shadow Islands from the beasts that scoure the area, maintaining the safety of the islands and the people living there.

Darkness Lives

Secret, Military


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