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The Order of the Cut Elm

The Order of the Cut Elm was founded 1188, after a dispute erupted between King Philip II of France and King Henry II of England in Gisors in Normandy resulted in a the banded elm which stood as the traditional meeting place between the two countries was ordered hacked down by King Phillip.   This collapse in diplomacy led Dark Lord Nabu Vindonnus to found a clandestine diplomatic corp with the sole aim of ensuring harmony among the Elders and between Aernadael and the wrecca.   Secrecy is paramount to the order. Even their founder disappeared from public life shortly after their founding. Every diplomatic success is attributed to them, and numerous conspiracy theories surround them claiming they are the true government of the world.   No one but the order itself knows how much power they actually wield, but their is amble evidence over the years of Justicars of Vinland, Markland, Helluland, and Aernadael yielding to their authority to believe they might actually be in control behind the scenes.   Every attempt to pass an oversight law by any parliament in the commonwealth has never left committee.


The order is led by the Aerendraca(n), which means messenger/apostle/ambassador. Under them are the Spellboda(n), one who brings a message. No one by the Aerendraca knows how many there are. Each Spellboda has a cadre of Sand(as) who perform most of the field work.


The Sand are known for their secrecy. Their membership is known to very few and it is rumored they use intermediaries to interact with others so they don't reveal their names and membership to others.

Public Agenda

While their membership is secret, their existence is not. In times of trouble, messages bearing the tear drop elm leaf emblem of the order arrives as a warning they will so be contacting the individual or institution to set things right.

Speak True and Strike None

Founding Date
Secret, Government
Alternative Names
The Sandas/Sands (messenger/ambassador/envoy), Treowwyrhta(n) (woodworkers), Ambihtsmith(as) (court carpenters), The Wyrd, The Smiths
Sand (pl sandas)


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