The Black Hand

Ah the Black Hand. This is one organization that one does not trifle with. They are a criminal syndicate that spans the whole of Arelia. Where there is a city, town, or the like and profit to be made, there they shall be as well. Many governments try to ride themselves of them and some claim to have done so. What they do not know is that their own government has already been infiltrated by agents of the Black Hand ages ago. Their reach is far and they have their hands in all forms of slavery, smuggling, assassinations, thugs for hire, spies, thievery and the like. Their only true competition are the Tiefling Cabals. Even so, saying that they are competition is a bit of a stretch as some have found evidence of a mutual understanding or business relationship between the two. What the exact nature of their relationship is, one can only speculate but what is certain is that they are not at open war with one another. Rumors spread of a possible collaboration or even worse, a merging of the two. Such a thing terrifies many law abiding citizens as they would then become impossible to stand against. Agents of certain organizations seem to interest the Black Hand. Perhaps they are the few remaining organizations that have yet to be infiltrated. Among them the Lazurite Academy, the Legion of the Lionheart, the Emerald Enclave, the Sanctorum of Protos Naos, the Gladio Aegis of Protos Naos, the Emerald Guard, the Stans Militum and the Monks of the Great Temples seem to have stood against being infiltrated. For now anyway. Many criminals know the Black Hand would pay handsomely for a solid informant within those organizations.   It is also well known that many Thieves Guilds have ties to either the Black Hand or the Tiefling Cabals. As such, one could only wonder, is upsetting the Black Hand truly a wise course of action? With such a vast network of informants, thugs, assassins and the like, many adventurers leave them be rather than be constantly on watch for the rest of their lives.

Cover image: Assassin by Bayard Wu


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