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Liberty Security Corporation

Liberty Security Corporation (LSC) is a private security force that originates on Old Earth that has arrived in the sector surrounding Deseret. Originally marketing as a measure to prevent would-be conquerors from the Inner Ring it has slowly increased its influence to the point where it now directly controls three star systems and threatens the surrounding region.


At the end of the old earth war the downsizing of many national militaries caused a surplus of weapons and equipment. Many organizations took advantage of the historic low prices and breakthroughs in FTL travel to launch conquering military expeditions in the Outer Rings. At this time the Liberty Security Corporation was founded and left for the Outer Rings, marketing itself as a protection force against these expeditions.


When LSC arrived in the Outer Rings it quickly established security contracts with cluster of three star nations Frisia, placeholder, and Ulvastea , promising to protect them against foreign aggressors. Over time however LSC would demand higher and higher rates in return for this service. Unfortunately these star systems were well aware of the fact that their their military forces were either severely lacking or were technologically inferior to that of LSC. Unable to defend themselves against the increasingly predatory nature of their relationship with the Liberty Security Corporation, many grassroots organizations would attempt to get rid of the liberty security corporation through political and guerrilla warfare. LSC would respond by suppressing dissent where needed with military force, finalizing their control over the planets.

Current Day

  Liberty Security Corporation has security contracts in three different star systems and has become a significant concern for other other ships in the area. This is a major concern these star systems contain the only tested FTL hyper-lanes back to Earth and other sectors.
Corporation, Security
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
The Liberty Security Corporation is the premier private contractor security guard and military services provider in this region of the Outer Rim! We specialize in providing complete security from space privateers, as well as managing security guard services on a national level! Our guards are expertly trained to meet our demanding company standards, and we are able to provide the most cost effective prices for your budget!  Contact us now for any and all of your security needs!
— Automated message from a LSC beacon left in an empty star system


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