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Wahstrehite Knights

The Wahstrehite Knights, most often lead by Prince Zekyn of Wahstrehite, are basically allowed to wreak havoc upon Wynsumheord in any way and at any time they please. The king has granted them this "privilege" because he is angry about the fact that, by law, the land is protected by the Wynsumheord Shall Stand agreement. Normal civilians dare not try to interfere, and other kingdoms rather not assist on either side. They are neither foes nor allies of Wynsumheord. Instead, they are for themselves and plan to one day take over the land in a peaceable way where the people agree to join under their rule.   The Wahstrehite Knights on the other hand totally disregard the law. They pillage and plunder, they rob, steal, assault, slaughter, and destroy. Wynsumheord's nly hope against such fiends are The Mundbyrdians .


Within the Wahstrehite Knights are several ranks, from leaders, to soldiers, to just plain troublemakers. These all work for the king and do his bidding inside and outside of the kingdom.


The entire attitude of Wahstrehite basically is "never give a care". They do exactly as they please which pleases the king. The only thing they dare not do is disobey him. Doing so will ultimately result in being put to death.

Public Agenda

They are basically established to rule and terrorize, making it known throughout all lands (especially Wynsumheord) that the kingdom of Wahstrehite is to be feared; that its power is unmatched, and that someday soon, they all will cower under the king's iron hand.


The Wahstrehite Knights have many elaborate armors and weapons, most of which were forged from stolen materials. They also take livestock, and even slaves from the villages they attack.


The Wahstrehite King has never been considered a "nice guy", but he really went savage when he could not acquire Wynsumheord. He then unleashed his knights to have their way with the land in an attempt to cause Wynsumheord to come and beg him for mercy.
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