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The Stonewardens

The Stonewardens are a group that helped rebuild Dwarven society after the The Seventh Thalassan Crusade . They are strongly traditionalist and also anti-Union of Granmor . Led by Warden Khôlthas Greybeard, the highest authority in Thorangar Utkarnat, and with strong connections in nearly every Mountainhome government despite their lack of true organization, the Stonewardens are able to operate with relative impunity. While the High King recognizes that they oppose some of his efforts, he ultimately sees them as a necessary tool. Despite their opposition to many of his policies, he sees them as a useful and deniable tool to enforce the policies that they do support and against Noble Houses and Guilds that oppose him.   The Stonewardens are ubiquitous at government and inter-organization meetings, striking a tough and intimidating presence and waiting to raise hell as soon as any tradition is threatened or broken. Stonewarden members also show up at meetings of groups they believe threaten Dwarven social dominance and sovereignty in order to threaten and harass legitimate attendants. They do not harass human and halfling immigrants in the streets but are known to take a hostile attitude with them in conversation and will take umbrage when any member of these races attempts to influence Dwarven decision making.


The Stonewardens were founded almost immediately after the end of the Seventh Crusade. The founder has been lost to history, as originally the Stonewardens were a kind of secret society. The original intent was to form a group who would preserve the knowledge and traditions of Dwarven society, as well as ensure that the Dwarven ruins in the Wastelands are not pillaged by the lesser races or other bandits.   Eventually, the Stonewardens were ready to come out as a political group. This occurred during the The Fragglecrux Strikes, which were exactly the kind of social upheaval that would scare the Stonewardens. During the riots, a number of politicians and a large amount of civilians came forward in physical and social opposition to the agenda of Severin Fragglecrux. Led by Khrenim Uligaz, these individuals came out in force and made lots of noise trying to get the High King not to accede to the strikers' demands. Unfortunately, they found themselves on the wrong side of history. Gnomes were given more rights and the power of Guilds increased drastically.    Uligaz only took this as a sign that the Stonewardens needed to double down on their new place in the public limelight, and the Stonewardens agreed. Since that time they have been actively at work pushing the Dwarves to keep their hands on the wheel of their mountainhomes, even as forces continued to mount against them. With each challenge, they only became further emboldened and more blatant in their attempts to use the system and public discourse to push their agenda.   The rise of the Serene Republic of Xethess in the last century PE upset the Stonewardens greatly. They saw the Wood Elves as a grave threat and demanded the High King take immediate action. Unfortunately, their lobbying ended up pushing the High King straight into the Empire's arms. Without a plan of action to confront the republic besides "invade immediately, MWMD  them to the afterlife, batten down the hatches for when the other Elves retaliate". The High King knew the Dwarves couldn't survive another Seventh Crusade, but was convinced something had to be done about the Wood Elves. So he set things up in order to join the Union. Of course, this angered the Stonewardens, because they knew this would cause the changes they dreaded. Now, anti-Unionism is a part of their platform as well.

We Must Preserve Our Dwarven Way Of Life

Founding Date
10/14 930 PE
Alternative Names
Rockheads (gnomish slang)

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