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Church of the Storm Mother


The Church of the Storm Mother is highly hierarchial with clearly defined roles. As everything else in Siren society all the different roles come with specified areas of responsibility within the church.

Mythology & Lore

The Church of the Storm Mother has a strong focus on the goddess Atella, especially on Her storm aspect.

Divine Origins

The Church was established some time after the Reckoning Storm. The founders felt like they survived the storm for a reason. In the beginning it wasn't anything more than a little cult, looked on as slightly weird and that the members were a bit on the less sane side. Over the next millennium it grew, and now it's probably the most widespread religion among the Sirens.

Political Influence & Intrigue

As an highly esteemed organization among Sirens, the Church of the Storm Mother brings a certain degree of privilege in society, especially in the higher ranks. In fact, the highest ranks in this church are considered pure and unable to sin. As a direct result, they can get away with virtually any crime without punishment, or at least a much lighter sentence, often too light to really matter.

It doesn't help that if one of the higher ups breaks the law, the rest of them will come to their defense, explaining how either it has a higher divine meaning behind it or that they were definitely tricked into it. You'd have to really upset the other higher ups to lose this privilege as it is seen as a divine right among the clergy.

It's considered a social faux pas among the Siren high society to not invite at least one representative of the Church of the Storm Mother to any important event, either as a guest or for some ritualistic function if applicable.

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