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ASASIN is an organisation dedicated to ensuring the safety of humans from nonhumans and vice versa, which started in the centre of Britain and now has bases across the world. Due to the inherent secrecy of their existence and the fact that most governments are recently aware of nonhuman beings and cannot reveal it to their civilians but need a way to handle the problem, their illegal activities are summarily ignored or straight up rebuffed at any attempt to police them. The UK is desperately ignoring them, the US is trying to get on a better footing with them, Japan is quietly letting them do their thing and Russia, in particular, is still recovering from their last attempt at taking control of their bases in their land.


Though there is a director and a second in command, the rest of the employees have their own divisions with their own heads, who squad leaders report to. There is a focus on centralization and streamlining within ASASIN, to make the most of their resources, so there are not many 'middle manager' jobs, as it were.

Public Agenda

To protect humans from nonhumans and vice versa; to provide information and shelter to nonhumans or those involved with them who need it; to liaison with nonhumans wishing to come planetside for any reason.


Sarah Wotts founded ASASIN with money she was given after a highly traumatic incident with an alien being. Though it started small and with only four members including her, it quickly rose in numbers and influence as knowledge of it spread. It can be said that the dissolution of TRITON had left the need for such an organisation to ensure that all the different factions did not step on each other's toes and people knew where to go for assistance.   After the Argias allied with them upon landing on Alcion in 2005 and Rosa Dervy began to work with them, they gained far more legitimacy and their numbers and power swelled greatly. With the Lawerian Military working officially with them, the PDC being formed and most immigrants now going via ASASIN bases, they began to outgrow the shackles of the British government. Despite the slowing funding from the government in response to this, ASASIN continued to grow (partially due to being funded by the RICEEs almost entirely) and is now considered the de facto lawkeepers on the planet for anything of a nonhuman nature and are above earthly attempts at legislation.
Founding Date
Secret, Military
Alternative Names
Alien Safeguard Association and Surveillance Institution Nationwide


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