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Black Slayers

The Black Slayers guild is a group of assassins trained to a high standard of proficiency.  


It is unknown who founded the Black Slayers. There have been rumours, but none entirely confirmed. This is because the founder kept their identity so well hidden that not even their trained subordinates could determine who they were. As time went on, the Black Slayers grew in power, eventually reaching the ears of the King. Of course, the Royal Family employed them on occasion when power vacuums needed to be made and filled. However, none of them would be able to wholly get the loyalty of the faction on any side. This was a strictly standalone group that operated on its own terms. As it grew stronger, those terms became larger. As it stands currently, the Black Slayer guild could overthrow Kaeoma if it so wished.  


Many citizens of the public know of it, but have no idea where to go, how to get in, or even how to contact a member for hire. Oftentimes they'll find themselves offered a hire for a target they wish killed, even though they never mentioned it to a soul or knew it themselves.   There is believed to be a form of base in every second city, town or village, constantly manned by a small team. This implies the Black Slayers are far larger than anyone would expect, or perhaps it is a rumor to spread fear.  
Sure, I can take care of that for you. It won't be a problem... much longer. Of course, I'll collect my payment from you when I need. Leave your purse out on the night stand by that lovely jade necklace. You know the one. Or not, it just makes it a bit more inconvenient for me. If I'm in the wrong mood, inconveniences may just make me... a little more ticked off, you get me? Ah, who am I kidding. A petty thief would threaten someone like that. I'm a professional. And this professional is going to get your job done.

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