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Kaeoma is the easternmost country continent in Arcasai. Due to the continent being a magic hotspot, the environment, and by extension the flora and fauna, have been affected in what most would deem unnatural.  



The most obvious effect on the environment is the number of biomes that exist in close proximity. They tend to have high variance in temperature and biodiversity.   The fauna is equally affected by the intense magical prescence. Titan-sized creatures such as the Golden Lion and unique creatures such as the Metal Wolf have been seen on this continent.


As a monarchy, Kaeoma has a Royal Family as well as several noble families that form the Royal Court.   The current ruling family is the House of Kaemedie.   Other houses include:
  • Ignae House
  • Inverell House


Being a prevalent magical region, Kaeoma is the leading producer and exporter of magical utensils. Additionally, due to the flora and fauna having magical properties, Kaeoma grows a significant number of healing herbs, as well as other useful items.
Geopolitical, Kingdom

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Articles under Kaeoma

Kaemedie Queendom

0 and beyond

The era of the Kaemedie ruling family.


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