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The Holy Order of Tighru


Led by the High Priest, the Holy order of Tighru has a top-down organisational structure.   The High Priest holds the most power and determines the direction of the Order. The Order's importance and power in the rest of society usually hinge on the competency of the High Priest. A charismatic and well-connected High Priest, like the current High Priest Valdemar Covac can make a significant difference in how the Order is perceived. Ultimately, they are the face and voice of the Order and the leader of all Tighrunites.   Directly under him, there are four Cardinals, responsible for diplomatic tasks, the treasury of the Order and for ensuring the Bishops are performing their jobs in a manner that would satisfy Tighru. There are five such Bishops, one for each major region of Vanelle. There have been attempts to create a sixth post in Kynath Village, but none have been successful.   The job of the Cantor is to preach to their congregation, organise community events, collect donations and spread the faith of the Order in their assigned communities.   Acolytes can be considered apprentices of the faith. Most of them reside at the Tighrunite headquarters in Cirranne, however, a number are also stationed in towns across Cirranne. They help the Cantors in their daily work, run errands, deliver messages and take part in missions across the land to spread the word of Tighru to those who may not yet have heard it.   Aside from their clergy, the Order also employs a unit of well-trained soldiers, commonly called Enforcers. They have been known to use these men and women both as shields on expeditions, missions and when establishing in a new region and as spears in other, less holy situations.

Public Agenda

The Holy Order of Tighru serves the long-lost god Tighru who fell from power and grace over three millennia ago. He was once a man himself but achieved apotheosis after completing a number of near-impossible tasks and trials on behalf of the Goddess Vandra.   The Thigrunites wish to find and reinstate Tighru, believing this will grant them his favour and some of his power. They have in their possession several artefacts said to have belonged to their god; among them, a sword, a shield and an amulet - Vandra's Promise, which were given to him by Vandra when he agreed to become her champion. While they are said to still hold some magical power, no concrete proof of this has ever been presented. These items are held securely at their main hall of worship in Cirranne. Scholars of history and other secular academia have not yet been permitted to examine the items.   It is unclear whether the Tighrunites truly believe they will one day be able to resurrect Tighru himself. It would prove quite an ordeal, as the locations of The Four Tombs of Tighru are lost to time, and even if these were to be located, there is no way of knowing what they hold or how to use it - whatever 'it' is.   As an organisation with both wide reach and influence, as well as deep pockets, the Holy order of Tighru engages in a significant amount of charity work. In recent times, they have been running the Goldenglow Infirmary, aiding Vanellians from all over the region who have succumbed to The Rot with unexpected success. This has undoubtedly increased its credibility and influence in spite of reports of those cured contracting Wilt.   In addition, the last three Lord Protectors have been Tighrunites, even legislating in favour of the Order in some instances, and certainly turning a blind eye to the Order's Enforcers, allowing them to operate as they please in Cirranne. This has made it challenging for other faiths and temples dedicated to other gods, and even to the city's namesake, Cirra, to establish within its walls. Many have elected to operate from outwith the walls, even going so far as to relocate entirely. The primary temple dedicated to Vandra, for example, can now be found in Bannes rather than Cirranne.

Through our work, may Tighru rise again

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