The Rot

The Rot is a recent epidemic which has struck the citizens of Vanelle hard. It appears to be indiscriminate, both geographically and in terms of who contracts it. While it is not immediately deadly, or even debilitating, its progression is painful and drawn out, eventually ending in complete incapacitation of the afflicted.


The cause of the Rot is unknown.   Unlike other common afflictions, it does not appear to travel from person to person, and it's not centred in a single geographical area. For example, you are just as likely to come down with Rot in Cirranne as you are in Rille, which has a much smaller population, different living conditions and traditions as well as a significantly less dense population.


A person first experiencing symptoms of the Rot will discover scabbing of the skin on their arms and legs, as well as increased fragility of the skin in the areas around the scabbing, making it more vulnerable to scratches and shallow wounds. They will soon find that any such wounds heal unusually slowly and are very susceptible to infections. With the scabbing comes an unpleasant smell of rotting vegetables, hence the name of the disease, making any afflicted person easy to identify, which has led to stigmatisation and alienation of such persons.   The progression of the disease, in essence, is an escalation of these symptoms. In addition, when the scabbing grows especially thick in a particular area, it cracks, emitting foul-smelling pus.   Eventually, the scabbing will extend to the inner organs, thus causing death.   Depending on the person and the initial state of their health, it is possible to live with the Rot for several years, although it is a painful existence.


Until very recently, all one could do for a person afflicted by Rot was to make them comfortable - to the extent that such a thing is possible. Dress their lesions, keep them clean and treat their pain as far as possible. A person with the Rot would also do well not to take on any straining or physically challenging tasks due to their increased susceptibility to and severity of wounds.   Due to the disturbing appearance of the disease as well as its smell, caring for a person afflicted with Rot is a task that is only reluctantly taken on by friends and relatives of the afflicted. Sadly, many afflicted are cast out by their communities.
However, The Holy Order of Tighru has recently presented a cure they call Sap of Divinity which they are administering at Goldenglow Infirmary with a measure of success. While not all of their patients recover completely, the disease is either halted, reversed or in a number of confirmed cases, cured. Until the infirmary was set up, there was nowhere for those with the rot to go, so even without the Tighrunites' cure, it was a welcome relief for those tasked with caring for the afflicted in their homes.   Thus far, the Tighrunites have not been willing to share their findings or the cure itself with any other organisation or person, so it is unclear what it consists of. This also means they are able to monopolise the cure in order to lend more credence to their religion.
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