By the end, he was a husk in the literal sense of the world. He could not speak nor move and I doubt he'd have recognised me if he could still see. But the worst thing was the colour of... of all of him. Every inch of the man was this dull, grey colour. The colour of death, so it was.
— Nurse Cari Miller
  Just when it looked like The Rot was getting under control was when the first cases of Wilt started appearing in Cirranne. People with the Rot were still streaming into the city, and the Goldenglow Infirmary was still full to the brim with patients, but there was a cure that looked promising. People were getting better.   But then they just started wilting. Some of them had been well for along time. The Lord Protector even held a feast to mark the anniversary of the first successfully cured patient. Nora, her name was. Then she fell sick again, but not with the Rot. At first, she just looked like she was getting older, but fast. Then the greying really set in.   One day someone's looking a bit pale and the next time you see them they're like lead. It's not long before they die after that.


The exact mechanisms of what causes Wilt are unknown, apart from the fact that only those who have been treated for The Rot with Sap of Divinity contract the condition. However, not everyone who has taken the cure develops Wilt. So far, neither doctors nor priests have been able to determine why one person deteriorates and another doesn't.


Deep fatigue is the earliest notable symptom, followed by a number of minor changes:
  • Drying of the skin
  • A loss of lustre in both hair and eyes
  • Dry throat and eyes
This precedes a number of more severe symptoms such as prolonged coughing fits, joint and muscle pain as well as stiffness and a dramatic loss of appetite. Perhaps the most notable change in sufferers is the greying of the skin which happens progressively throughout the course of the illness. In late-stage sufferers, the skin, all over the body, is almost entirely grey.   The illness progresses until the afflicted has quite literally wilted away and can no longer move, eat or speak and finally loses the ability to breathe.


There are no known treatments or cures for Wilt. All that can be done is to make the patient as comfortable as possible as the illness progresses. Thankfully, it does not seem to be contagious.


All known cases have been fatal.
Chronic, Acquired


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