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Cirranne is the capital city of Vanelle and the largest city in the region. Unrivalled in both commerce and military strength, it is no surprise that it is the home of the Protectorate seat of power, as well as some of the region's most powerful figures.   Most of the city is constructed from local sandstone mined in quarries all along the coastline, giving its walls and buildings their distinctive yellow colour. The walls encircle the inner city completely, protecting it from invasion both from the sea and from land. While the walls were once able to protect all of its citizens, the population has grown in the centuries since it was built, and many now reside on the plains outside the walls.   Situated on the coastline of the vast The Verdant Ocean, the people of Cirranne are well-versed sailors and fishermen and it's also the home of the nation's navy as well as its mercantile fleet. This has resulted in a large portion of the city's economy being reliant on its capable shipyards and connected industries. These industries also feed other regions of Vanelle through their material demands and by employing workers from far and wide.   Cirranne is also the cultural centre of the coastal region of Vanelle, especially with Lord Protector Reginald III's generous patronage of artists and musicians.   In addition, Cirranne is a stronghold for those of the Tighrunite faith, with rumours circulating that even the Lord Protector is part of their rank. The city is, however, still a vibrant home to people of many different faiths and cultures.
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