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The First Temple of Tighru

The First Temple of Tighru is the headquarters of the Holy Order of Tighru as well as the home of their largest congregation. Situated in the Garden District of Cirranne, it holds prime of place among the city's temples.   As well as halls of worship, the temple buildings encompass the Order's administrative offices, clergy living quarters and study halls. The temple also holds many ancient relics said to have belonged to Tighru himself, such as his sword and amulet as well as other artifacts from his lifetime.   The temple itself is a grand, blond sandstone building with domed roofs, stained glass windows and two imposing spires. A set of crescent steps lead up to the entrance, which consists of a set of imposing carved oak double doors. At one point, the carving of Tighru covering both doors was painted in vibrant colours, but they have long since faded and chipped away, leaving it a dark and weathered brown.  
Inside the temple, visitors are met with an abundance of candles and the sweet scent of burning incense. In spite of the large stained glass windows and the many candles, the cavernous temple chamber is dim. The stone floor leading down the central aisle is smooth from use and glistens amber in the candlelight. Heavy drapes line the walls and frame the tall, narrow windows. The ceiling, although difficult to see due to its height and the poor lighting, is covered in mosaics depicting Tighru's journey from a humble servant of Vandra to his apotheosis and acceptance into the pantheon.   At the front of the temple sits a heavy stone altar upon which rests a golden cup and a black dagger, symbols of his ascencion and fall respectively. Behind the altar, encased in glass, are three holy relics said to have been in the possession of Tighru during his trials and imbued with the power of the gods; the amulet Vandra's Promise, his sword imbued with fire by Hem, and his shield which was said to reflect any blow that fell oupn it.
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