Mater Jessica

Mater Jessica Farin

Mater Jessica is an Augurer and member of The Order of Augurers who has chosen to remain in Cirranne to be better able to help other augurers in need, in spite of the great risk this would entail should she be discovered. Before Auguring was made illegal by Lord Protector Reginald II, she already lived and worked in Cirranne, but kept a low profile and wasn't part of the small auguring school that exiested in the city at the time.   Many of the augurers who were arrested or driven out of the city when Lord Protector Reginald III took the legislation against auguring further by cementing his intentions to hunt down and imprison them were Jessica's friends and colleagues. Although, many of her peers at this time were wary of her due to her connections in Cirranne's criminal underworld as well as her policy not to discriminate against potential clients based on their past misdeeds.   So, when the persecution of augurers started to gain momentum in Cirranne, she was uniquely positioned to get people out of the city, and she still is. Today, with the help of a few trusted allies and clever use of Crow Feathers, she gives shelter to visiting augurers, helps worried parents send their presenting daughters to the safety of The House of Dreams and provides her own services and those of other augurers to clients who can pay and are willing to take the risk.   All of this she manages while running a successful florist on Ciranne's busy Canal Street - Jessie's Arrangements. While her shop is a perfectly legitimate, and profitable, business in its own right, it also serves as a front for what she considers her real calling; to help other augurers avoid arrest while in the city and to make sure no newly presenting young girls fall into the hands of The Holy Order of Tighru or the Protectorate guard.   In order to manage all this, she uses her ties to the criminal elements of Cirranne, exchanging auguring services for favours and creative ways in and out of the city. In addition, being one of the very few practising augurers left in the city, she is on occasion able to procure favours from her remaining clients - rich merchants and nobles who are still able to afford her rates. Her ability to plan, manage risks and make connections at all levels of society is what has kept her both alive and successful. These are the very same qualities which made many of her peers mistrust her before auguring was outlawed.   She is an invaluable ally to The Order of Auguerers. Without her determination to remain in Cirranne and keep practising her profession in the face of great risk, the number of augurers at The House of Dreams today would no doubt be much smaller.


Vanna Severine

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Mater Jessica

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Towards Vanna Severine



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