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Billionaires Club

Where's war, there's always money to be made.

Even though the aristocracy has fallen with the former Empire and all their titles were abolished, it doesn't mean that there are no longer any awfully rich people to wield power over others. War has led to much suffering all thorough the country and while the majority of people have lost not only their fortunes but also their family, there is a couple of those who were made many times richer beyond anyone's imagination. And the disparity between the classes only grows.   It cannot be said that the Billionaires Club would be an official organisation of sorts, but they do form a tightly knit group and a lot of people out there dream of becoming a "member". Who wouldn't want to have so much money they do not ever need to worry about them running out? Money is the solution of any problems out there and a way to exploitation of others is an easy one to take when you do not really have to bother about the law and it's sticky fingers finding out what you are up to. Those fingers also want to not worry about their expenses. Funny how it all works out, huh?   There are about a dozen of families hiding behind shell corporations and many other subbusinesses - the reach of their financial web far and wide. Some held money for centuries and managed to avoid the biggest wrath that followed the fall of the empire, others rose to prominence through the booming industry required to run a successful war. Once you get all these money, last thing you wanna do is to part with them, so you surround yourself with like-minded and like-positioned folk of the same aspiration. Rich people rarely marry the poor and love for others has little say in all this. The love for money is a strong motivator and opens many doors for you. The law will always play a catch-up game with this.


Author's Notes

Czech This Out: TBA   Not gonna lie, this article was mostly inspired by how all those white dudes with a lot of billions to their name get blindly worshipped for being the true entrepreneurs and visionaries, while they don't really do anything but hoard more money.

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